Torture is one of my favorite subjects.  But, add a little FORCE to it…Oh, now we’re talking!  It’s almost as if I revert to some sort of hypnotic state…when he controls me…His torture is most delicious…I am submissive to his every command. I am his sex slave.  In our BDSM lifestyle, I am ALWAYS dominated by him, my “Master” and there is nothing I won’t do…nothing. The control is sublime. I can…depend on it.

Even in phone sex, I love those same aspects of it.  Almost as if I were there – in “your” playroom.  The way you control me from afar. Speak to me in hushed tones that demand my CUMplete obenience and sometimes I am driven to tears by your control.  I LOVE IT ALL!  And I know eXXXactly where it started.  The precise day that you took the reigns of sublime torture with me.

I was 25 and working as a VERY Confident worker in a VERY popular sex shop in Beverly Hills.  And so, living in LaLa Land, I was more than used to the movie star and model types CUMming and going.  SO, wasn’t it like the biggest fucking FLUKE on earth that the average Joe was the one to not only catch, but TAME my wild little ass?!? And it started with…Ahem…

“Excuse me Miss. I don’t know your name, but I saw you from across the room.  And I’ve got to admit that you got my attention.  It made me want to say Yo!”

Okay….Chris Brown, where are you?  I asked him if that line from the song EVER worked for him.  Apparently it had…and maybe STILL is…Hmmm.  I wanted to roll my eyes and walk away, but something in that voice…held me.

“Okay.  Seriously…I was just trying to get you to smile…”

And so it went for the next two dates.  Charm, intellect, mad sex appeal…what more can I say about all that? Nothing.  Then the invitation to his place for dinner.  Okay….now we’re talking! Or, are we?  Down the hall, as I searched for the door to his bathroom, I found it.  Shade of fucking GREY!  A playroom of torture? My laughter brought him to my side instantly. His lips to my ear, cumming from behind.  His hands slid to my nipples and pinched…HARD!

“Ouch!  Fuck me!  What in the hell?”

The question was left hanging like a cartoon balloon over our heads.  He pushed me rather forcefully through the playroom doors. I landed on my knees and palms with a resounding THUD! Again..What in the hell? I heard the doors slam and lock.  And then the torture would begin. The slapping of my clit with a tiny whipping device, AS he plunged his monster cock into my ass and ALL with the weighted nipple clamps! Damn, they hurt! But, through it all, I began to have an epiphany…I liked to be tortured…as long as it’s delicious!

As I started with, I love it so much it even eXXXtends to phone sex.  Call me.  Control me…TORTURE ME! I love it all.  Of course, what I love even MORE…is CONTROLLING and TORTURING, YOU!  Call me to hear all the divine ways there are to be tortured.  From mild BDSM, to a delicious girlfriend experience…A girlfriend who teases you, but doesn’t actually GIVE you her sweet, little pussy, that is. LOL

Force Me All Night!


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