My Twisted NYE Fantasies Are Very Fucked Up!

I’m so bad for wanting these twisted NYE fantasies.  I cannot help myself! Sometimes a girl like me just wants what I want and nothing will stop me from the things I crave.  However, sometimes getting those things comes at a cost, doesn’t it?

It’s truly a balance of cunning, charm, creativity, and a bit of maneuvering to get there.  Yes, I’ve made many new friends, side fun, broken up homes, and caused my share of sexy cum messes.

So Many Twisted NYE Fantasies to Choose From!

How do you decide between so many things to do in the next year?  Well, I’ve been to some pretty amazing events like swingers clubs,  a sexy fuck party, and gang bangs just to name a few.  Okay, so maybe I’ve been to tons of fuck parties.  Every day is something new and so exciting, I truly look forward to the next adventure.

One of my favorite sexual experiences this year was getting stuck in a long line early in the morning.  But, I happened to meet two really hot guys.  I had my girlfriend hold my place and went to fuck both of them.  It was so amazing, I can add that to my new twsited NYE fantasies. I had more than a mouthful of delicious cock in my mouth and pussy and came back with cum all over my pretty face.

Okay, here is the first thing I want in 2022!

The first of my twisted NYE fantasies is to fuck someone as the clock strikes midnight my time.  To be honest, I don’t care how I get this done, but I want to fuck any guy, gal, shemale, or anyone who happens to be game.  I wanna suck a juicy cock, ride a big one deep inside of my wet cunt, and cum all over the place going into the next year so that I can say I fucked into the New Year.

Here, there, and everywhere I want it!

So many delightful places to fuck in.  If it’s daring I want to add it to my twisted NYE fantasies.  I love fucking in public. The thrill of being caught is so truly erotic and quite the rush!

Once, my boss caught me masturbating in his office, on top of his desk.  He promptly came in, shut the door, and made me give him head in exchange for not being fired. I’ll never forget getting under the desk and taking that big cock down my throat as he fucked my warm mouth like a pussy.

How about 2022 fucks?

So, how about fucking 2022 new people this year?  OMG, what a feat that would be to take that many cocks, have that many experiences?  What a twisted NYE fantasies bucket list that would be!  Not sure if I would achieve that, but it sure is worth a try!

I can’t wait to see what fun the new year will bring to all of us.  May the new year be so sexy for all of us.  I look forward to so many more sexy times.


So let me hear your fucked twisted NYE fantasies.  There is still time to call me!  I’m going to become your favorite phone sex operators in 2022 and beyond!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke