Top Bitch: Submissive, But Dominant

Top bitch is something I deserve to be called. I may be submissive to you, but I outrank any other submissive little sluts you have. You may have a harem going, but I’m the cream of the crop.

I’m just an ordinary girl with an ordinary job doing ordinary things. One day, however, I heard the boss’s personal assistant was no longer with the company. I’m young, hard working, motivated, and totally have what it takes to get the job.

So, I go talk to Kelly. She’s not his personal aid, but she’s ranked just below him so maybe she can help me out. Of course, I ask her about the duties I’d have to perform and how much of a raise I’d get. She edged around some of my questions and gave me the impression there was more to what she was saying.

Nonetheless she schedules me for a verbal interview.

I dress conservatively in pantyhose, pumps, a pencil skirt, and nice blouse with a matching blazer. When I’m let into his office he’s on the phone. He waves me in anyway and I take a seat. Listening to him give orders made my lower belly clench.

As he speaks I took a look around his office and see how much he gets to travel and it makes me wet. He’s a very powerful man.

“Kelly tells me you want the job of my personal assistant. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No.” I say honestly.

“Good. What are you willing to do to get this job?”

“Whatever it takes. I’ll do anything.”

“All right. Good. Talk to Kelly and she’ll give you the details. Your final interview will be planning a weekend in the Smokey Mountains. I’ll give you $7k to use for it. Make it worth my while.”

I excuse myself and talk to Kelly. “So, what happened to the last personal assistant?” I ask curiously.

“She went and got a boyfriend. Never cheat on the boss, you got it?”

I nod.

“Think you have what it takes?”

I give her a wicked smile. “Don’t you worry. I’ll make top bitch.”

“Then get him a Brazilian girl. Curvy. Big tits, big bubble butt.”

To Be Continued…..