Top 10 Lesbian Lovers Wish List. Gotta Fuck Them All!

What man doesn’t have a lesbian fantasy? I don’t know too many to be honest. Well let me tell you a secret. Guys aren’t the only ones! You aren’t the only ones that spend your alone time getting yourself off to the hot princesses the kingdom has to offer! I’ve had quite a few of them so to be fair. I won’t include my favorites, but below is a list of the top Phone Sex Girls that I want to get up close and personal with!

1. The Queen.  This dirty phone sex goddess makes even me want to get down and start praying at her vaginal altar!

2. Genie. Yes I’ve got some mommy fantasies. And Genie is just the woman to make those happen! Those big warm tits could make anyone wanna cuddle down and suck!

3. Jordan. That ass and those eyes are more than enough fuel my lesbian flame!

4. Tara. Wild and untameable, she brings out a primal desire in me!

5. Layne. She reminds me of the girl next door with a twist.

6. Aileen. This dominant damsel makes my pussy so hot it could melt glass. I can’t imagine anyone would leave that encounter without some battle scars!

7. Gwen. That blonde bombshell reminds me of hot gym class sex under the bleachers and well, what more could you ask for, really?

8. Kylie. I can’t stop thinking about that long black hair drifting over my thighs while she has lunch between them.

9. Gisele. Her name being torn from my lips while we touch whatever we can get our hands on is a fantasy I have pretty often. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she looks a lot like my first girlfriend (Love ya Justice!)

10. Bella. Her petite hotness make me drool, I can’t look at her without wanting to rip off her clothes and ravage her!
So there, in no particular order is my lesbian sex wishlist! Do you have one? Share it with me and help me fuck my way through the kinky kingdom! And ask me about some Totally Free Phone Sex!