Tongue fetish – I love that squishy wet exploring organ

Tongue fetish- I am obsessed with tongues. I love the moist, pink tissue and the tiny bumps that give it the rough texture. A tongue is such a sexy part of the body. I always take note of people’s tongues as they talk. How long is it? Is it fat? I imagine it exploring my mouth and skin. Feeling that wet organ sliding into my pussy, in and out. Fucking me hard with that soft moist tongue!

Let’s make out, I love to french kiss you. Playing with our tongues inside our warm wet mouths. I get wet when you kiss me like that. I love feeling our tongues touch each other’s, The tongue is such a sensitive and sensual part of our body. Why not take our time using it as long as it takes?

I need to take care of my oral fixation by running my tongue all over your skin.

I need to taste your sweet and salty sweat. How sexy is it to see a long thin tongue slide up and down the shaft of your cock? I will trace the rim of your head, feeling the smoothness and bumps, getting more turned on as I go. Using my tongue to explore your body makes my pussy so wet. I will even squeeze it into your asshole if you let me!

Tongue fucking is so hot. Put it inside my pussy and move it all around and in and out. mmm if you are really good, I might just cum on your tongue. A pretty great reward for all of our hard work. Taste my sweet cum on it, as it drips down your chin. take that long tongue and lick it all up!


tongue fetish

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