Hi there!

“I couldn’t help but notice you were staring at my feet.

“Do you like like what you see?  Yes, I think you do!  Your swelling cock sure seems to think so, I can see it getting bigger and bigger in your trousers and shorts.  Could you do me a favor handsome? I’ve been on my feet all day in these tall platforms, could you give me a foot rub?  Can you do that for me?  You would!!  Wonderful. I’m sure I can make it worth your while.

“Here, take my right foot, that’s it.. take off my shoe, slowly.  Do you like my red nail polish??  I love wearing red it is my favorite color.  It makes me feel so sexy and slutty.  What do you think???  Do you think it makes me look slutty, handsome?  I bet you do!!  Oh, that feels nice, mmm run your thumbs up and down my sole, that’s right.  Here, take my left foot, oh yes that feels amazing.  Do you know, you’re getting me turned all on?  I hope you don’t mind if I rub my clit while you rub my feet.

“Yes, right there that feels so good!  How about you suck on my toes next?  I know you want to, I know you want a taste.  Here, take my big toe in your mouth right between your lips.   Oh yes, suck on those toes!  Stroke your cock while you suck my toes; go on, stroke your big thick, hard cock while you suck my toes off.  Now, now don’t stroke too fast I don’t want you to cum too soon.  Mmmm, the sight of you jerking that throbbing cock of yours is getting me wet.

I’m going to have to shove a couple of fingers in my pussy, that’s sucking my feet, stroke your cock while you watch me get covered in my sweet pussy juice!!  Do you like watching me finger fuck myself as you suck on my toes? I bet you do, I know you do!  I’m sure you’d rather my feet were somewhere else, wouldn’t you?  Take your hands off your cock, I want you to stop stroking now, sit on your hands for me, so you’re not tempted, that’s a good boy.  Now, I’m going to stop talking, just sit back and let my feet do their thing.”

Slowly moving down your body closer and closer to your cock, coming to a stop on your hips.  Moving my left foot back up your chest to your warm mouth for you to suck on some more, my right foot slowly makes its way to your pulsing shaft.  Slowly rubbing the tip of your mushroom head in circles with my big toe.  I can feel you suck harder on my toes as I tease you further.  Squeezing your shaft between my big and second toe stroking your massive cock.

I can hear you moan with my toe-job, moving quicker 2 strokes then slowing my stroke.  Covering my red toes in your delicious pre-cum, I just have to have a taste.  Moving my left foot dripping with saliva from your mouth, to continue the toe-job; as I bring my pre-cum covered toes to my mouth sucking them clean.  Mmmm, your pre-cum tastes so good licking every drop I can’t wait for the rest.  You like that don’t you??

Wrapping both of my cute size 7 feet around that throbbing shaft of yours, stroking quickly I can see that you’re not going last very much longer but that’s okay.  The soft soles of my feet move up and down your vein-covered shaft faster and faster listening to your moans get louder with every stroke.   Picking up the pace, my feet are a little more than a blur as I bring you closer and closer to the explosion.

Let’s make you explode right now.

Tongue and Toes

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