Toe Sucking – My Friend LOVES Sucking My Toes And Fucking Me

Toe sucking anyone? I love it when a guy sucks my toes. And it turns out that my new friend really loves to suck on my toes! He gets incredibly hard just looking at my pretty little toesies.

I discovered this when he recently came for a visit to my town and man, I just thought it was going to be a regular kind of fuck. But, no, he really wanted to get fucking nasty with me. And you all know how much I love to get nasty. I’m a dirty little bitch.

So, he walks into my door with a pizza and Dr. Pepper, my weaknesses. And then sets them down on my coffee table, talking about his trip to my town. Then I catch him glance me up and down and back down again… just staring at my pretty toes.

He audibly gulps and says “God damn, girl. Look at those pretty little feet of yours. I bet guys go nuts over them.”

I giggle and tell him that they don’t get that much attention, honestly. And he says “What?! No fucking way, they’re perfect and I just… I have to touch them. Come, sit down with me.”

So, I go ahead and sit on my couch and put my feet up on the cushion next to me. He then sits on the couch and stares in awe at my feet. Then he gently starts to caress my heels and arches and then toes. His glare deepens and he drops to his knees onto the floor.

I couldn’t believe that a guy was this into my toes.

But, I wasn’t going to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to them since I know he’s a good fuck and he will totally fuck me later. He starts kissing my feet all over starting at my ankles and ending at my big toe. I giggle and bite my lip as it tickles just a little bit. He then kisses each of my toes one by one.

I smile and watch him. Then he sticks his tongue out and opens his mouth a little and starts to lick my feet. And when he gets to the top he starts toe sucking. I moan with pleasure as he keeps going.

I can tell that his cock is getting very hard and I want to touch it so badly. But, he doesn’t let me touch it with my hands. No, no. He wants my toes to wrap around his cock.

Well, I start to slowly move my feet down to his cock and he takes it out of his pants. I then grab his cock head with my toes and start to gently caress it with them. His eyes roll back into his head as I go faster. He can’t help it but he starts toe sucking my right foot as my left plays with his cock.

He then sits up and kneels in front of me and grabs my legs and brings me close to the edge of the couch. I lift up my skirt to show I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. He smiles and slips his cock into my tight little pussy. His cock fills me up as I stick my toes right in his face.

Thrusting in and out of me he starts to suck on my toes again.

He pounds my pussy nice and hard and sucks my toes hard. I cum almost instantly and he loves the way I cum all over his cock. Then I feel his cock start to swell and twitch inside of me. I grab onto his arms and shove my toes deeper into his mouth.

That made him go wild and he starts really giving it to me. (So hard that I actually couldn’t walk right the next day.) He starts to groan and I tell him “Cum on my toes, please!” He listens and pulls his cock out of my pussy.

Then as if in one swift motion he came right onto my pretty toes. And then he did something unexpected. He starts toe sucking again but sucking the cum off of them! Brilliant! Almost as hot as wrestling in bed with that pro wrestler a bit ago.

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