Toe Fuck – She Wanted My Toes In Her Pussy and Ass!

Toe fuck sounds sexy to some, eh? I bet it does. Well, this is pretty fucking sexy, honestly. Here’s a little story about how my ex-girlfriend came down to visit and wanted a good toe fuck.

So, my ex is on her way over and I am excited to fuck a girl since it’s been a little while. I get all dolled up and wear no bra and no panties under my tight dress. And within like half an hour she is knocking on my door in just a big sweater. Then she walks in and takes off the sweater to reveal she is completely nude under it.

She didn’t waste any tie getting comfortable at all! She grabbed a La Croix from the fridge and sat on my couch sipping her water and smiling at me. I walk over to her and sit next to her in all her naked glory. Her big titties are just soft and ready to be played with.

We talk for a minute or two and then immediately start making out on my couch. I tell my Amazon Echo to play my sexy playlist and Closer by Nine Inch Nails starts to play. She gets up and starts dancing around, showing me every single part of her body and putting them on display. I pinch her nipples and pull her down an kiss her on the right nipple and suck.

She moans and climbs on top of me.

Straddling me, she grinds her hips and twerks her ass a little as I touch her all over. She’s getting wet and I can feel it every time her pussy touches my thighs. I then reach down and pull on her pussy lips and kiss her. She LOVES when I am rough with her and it turns her on so fucking much.

Then I spank her ass with both hands and pull her cheeks apart and jiggle them in my hands. Her fat ass is the biggest turn on, mmm. She starts pulling down my dress to reveal my tits and starts to squeeze them an play with my nipples. And then she leans down to suck on one and then the other.

We end up lying down and making out some more and grinding our pussies against each other. I could feel how wet she was and it made me even wetter. We 69 and eat each other out and finger at the same time. It’s absolutely magical.

She cums within a few minutes and so do I because we really missed each other. Then she sits up and looks down at my feet and says “Bailey… I want you to toe fuck me!” I move from underneath her and look at her like she’s crazy but shrug and say okay.

She lies down on my couch, legs spread apart and pussy swollen, pink, and wet. I put my toes up to her mouth and she starts to suck on them and get them all wet so I can toe fuck her. My foot trails down her body and to her pussy where I start to rub her clit with my toes. She moans with delight and spreads her legs even further apart.

I could see her getting super wet now.

She just props herself up so she can see me toe fuck her. I take my big toe and slide it down to her pussy opening. She then spreads her lips apart with her fingers and I slip my big toe inside of her. I could tell she loves it by the look of surprise on her face.

She smiles and says “Please, stick more in!” I obey and stick as many as I can which, to my surprise, was all 5 of my toes. Her pussy can take some abuse! Such a turn on watching my toes go in and out of her pussy.

She starts to rub her clit and says “Yes! Oh my god, please go faster!” I move my toes in and out a little faster now. And almost immediately she says “Oh fuck,” and starts to squirt!

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