When it comes to women and sex, I would like to offer the following advice:

If there is a woman that you are interested in, do not wait until the last minute to ask her out.  Ladies like having time to prepare, shop, and make sure that we look nice when we go out.  Also, we probably have made plans with our friends to go hang out if we don’t have a date.   Consideration goes a long way 😉

Once you do get a date with the object of your affection, I strongly suggest jerking off before you leave the house.  I know that this sounds strange, especially coming from a woman.  However, for some reason, blowing a load before a date not only relaxes you, but also alleviates any pressure to “seal the deal” at the end of the night.  You have a smaller chance of going home with blue balls if you follow this tip. 😉

So, now the big night has finally come (just did you did, before leaving the house).  Please, for the love of all that is good and furry, do NOT buy her a burger for dinner and then expect Godiva for dessert.  If you want to better your odds of ending the night in bed (or not) together, you gotta make an effort.  Don’t have a lot of money? It doesn’t matter.  You have to make it *fun*.

Contrary to popular belief, nice guys don’t always finish last 😉