Tiny Dicks, How Do You Worship Them? You Don’t…LOL

Tiny dicks how do you even begin to worship them. Someone once told me faith is believing in something you can’t see but this isn’t church. I don’t suck and fuck what I can’t see. I love tiny cocks because when I am tired of fucking real men I get a break. As a sub constantly getting pounded with cock takes a toll on you. Sometimes its nice to entertain myself with a clit dick fucker. If you are reading this it is fair to assume that you have a tiny little non-existent cock that is barely worthy of sucking let alone licking. If this is you please keep reading if not got to one of my other blogs, I am certain you will enjoy them. Anyway back to the “men” with tiny dicks.. So yes I find it quite the amazing vacation when encounter a tiny cock.

Allow me the pleasure of laughing at yours.. Yes let’s take out some objects and see if you have the ability to size up. I doubt that you do. Object number one my six inch stilettos.

Lay that thing you call a cock next to them. Let’s see lmao you poor thing unfortunately for you you have three more inches to clear until you even close to normal pathetic…Let me guess you are a premature ejaculator as well. I know as soon as I take my top off and show you my huge 34DD tits you will cum all the way in your tighty whities. I will laugh hysterically as I look at you stained jeans and cheeks beet red from embarrassment…. Well to all the “men” with tiny dicks who are reading this blog.

I want you to take the Saige Challenge similar to the Pepsi challenge but tons more fun. If you can last more the three minutes without cumming this true sub will get on her knees and suck your teeny weeny peen as a reward for the entertainment you’re giving me. Then once you cum after I have wrapped my lips around your clit then I will go find a real cock to fuck.

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