Poor little tiny dicked loser.

My tiny dicked new boyfriend thinks because I agreed to start dating him, that he’ll get in my pants.. Ha! What a delusional little cunt. I love playing with his head and turning him on, and he always gets so excited.. sometimes he has a little bit of a problem and cums too quickly, too. I knew from the first time he got naked, that I would never fuck him. He dropped his boxers and went to eat me out, and I let him put in all the work he wanted to make me squirt for him, which I did.. but the little fuck was a bit disappointed to find out that I did not intend on fucking him. Sucks for him, right? I started flat out telling him why, too. He got so sad and disappointed that I just didn’t like the size of his cock, that he started looking at dick sleeves and even brought up the idea of being able to fuck me with a dildo. But the only part of that tiny dicked cuck that’s allowed in me is his tongue, and sometimes his fingers. Every other part of him can stay out!

The funniest part was when we were hanging around some of our other friends, though. The guys were being guys and talking about when they last got laid, and of course because he’s dating me, they expected he would have gotten laid recently. After all, I definitely love showing off and flirting, and they know from my ex that my sex drive is crazy. But as I excused myself from the table to go talk with the girls, he got to bite the bullet and tell all his friends the truth: that he’s a tiny dicked loser who just doesn’t have what it takes to fuck me, and I make sure I tell him that all the time. His friends must have thought I was the devil, because I could see the judgy glances when I came back! But they roasted him the rest of the night about his small cock, so I’m sure they understand why I’d never fuck that! I think I might have even caught one of his friends’ attention.. maybe he’ll have something bigger to offer me.

Come play with me.

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