My husband and I have a neighbor, Kevin, a couple doors down that has had his eye on my husband and me for a while.

He stares whenever either one of us is coming or going from the house. He’s a fairly attractive man, nothing too remarkable. One day while my husband was at work, I snuck out to the mailbox, still wearing a shear nighty, hoping to run back into the house. The wind was blowing, and blew my nighty up past my black lacy panties as I struggled for a second to pull it down. At that moment the neighbor hollered “whoops” loudly from a couple yards down! I just giggled it off and headed back towards the door. I’m a tease, so I decided to let him say goodbye to my booty by lifting up my nighty again and showing my ass to him.

That glimpse, apparently gave him the courage to go from watching from afar, to making a move. I got myself wet after giving Kevin a peek, and was in my bed with my big black toy. 20 minutes later he came knocking! I wondered who it could be, quickly realizing, I knew exactly who it was. I pulled my panties up, and answered the door.

Very curious what his next move was, I asked him to step inside.

He stood there trying to look sexy, but it only made me giggle. I closed the door behind him and went to the couch to sit, crossing my legs in a way to give him another glimpse of those lacy panties. He no longer seemed quite as shy, looking me up and down. I asked him to sit next to me and if he’d like something to drink. He got to the point and said, “I could just drink YOU up!”

I put my hand on his leg and asked, “are you finally gonna make a move?” I could tell I was going to have to be dominate. Then I grabbed his arm and forced it up to my pussy outside my panties. I pulled them down and shoved his head between my legs. I closed my eyes but quickly realized that he wasn’t very good down there.
He pull his pants down while he was on the floor in front of me. It became even more difficult to enjoy his oral when I saw it. It was probably about 4 inches and I’m used to my husbands 9 inch member filling me up! Right then I knew my husband and I were gonna make the neighbor our BITCH!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll tell you all about how my husband and I made our neighbor our BITCH.

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