Tiny dick humiliation is something that really makes my pussy wet. Something about putting inferior men in their places beings me absolute joy. I love being able to tease and deny these worthless men. Disappointing their tiny chubbies.

After all, do guys that really never size up think they are deserving of a superior woman; such as myself. Of course not! Deep down inside, maybe not so deep for some. Tiny dick losers know they will never size up to real men. Real men with their massive cocks and huge loads.

Tiny Dick Humiliation With This Size Queen Will Exceed Even Your Subpar Standards

That is why they love to be reminded of the tiny little worthless losers they are. Now, most of the time I avoid these little pathetic men at all cost. However, sometimes, as I said before, I just enjoy the pleasures of this! Tiny dick humiliation with this Size Queen who loves small penis phone sex will exceed even your subpar standards. 

Superior women like me can almost smell a loser. While there are the obvious cues. Such as men completely dissolving around us. And generally choking up in our presence. There is almost a scent that weak men put off when they are near.

For example, it was an average regular day when I caught a smell of such a man. As he was looking at me in the grocery store. He was subtly doing everything that he could to attract my attention to him. Then, as he continued to follow me aisle to aisle I finally turned around. Using a tone of voice that would indicate how irritating he was being. I began asking him what his intentions were.

Admittedly, it was hard for me to hold back my chuckle as I am watching him stumble upon his words. There is something quite amazing about weak men and strong women. It is like we steal their fake man voice. Leaving them with nothing but the stutter of an uttering idiot. 


Tiny Dick Humiliation


Tiny Dick Humiliation Idiots Have A Scent

Although his response was something mediocre. Suggesting we go for a cup of coffee or lunch. Hesitating but ultimately agreeing to it. Knowing that he was going to be a little mouse for me to toy with for the next week or so. I may even be able to fulfill a little poolside cuckold fantasy of mine.

So, I met him at his stupid coffee shop later that day. He is beaming proudly as he is telling me that he is the general manager. Thinking it would be impressive to me. However, not realizing that I was a CEO kind of girl. Not a little weak bitch like him.

However, I chuckled and pretended as though I was sweet and that he was interesting. Giving him just enough. A sliver of hope by humoring him and his stories. That was when he invited me back to his place with the promise of an authentically cooked meal just for me. It was truly hard for me to hold my excitement. Not for the weak meal, but the wreckage I was about to make out of this little bitch that night. 

Tiny Dick And A Tiny Apartment

Showing up to his apartment, I could not help but notice the size. Resembling a bachelor pad of a college student just leaving his Mommy and Daddy’s home it was tiny and hideous. I chuckled as his jaw dropped to the presence of me in my perfect tight red body contoured dress. My Louboutins echoed against the empty walls in his tiny apartment as he gave me a tour or the tiny place. Even confidentially referring to his room as “where all the magic happens.” It was hard for me not to spit the cheap wine out at such a joke. The only magic that was happening in that bed was the gathering. Ha!


I Can’t Believe He Thinks He Is Getting Lucky 

So the rest of the night plays out how it stereotypically does. Dinner was okay. Overcooked pasta and sauce from a can. Although, you would think to be such a mediocre man he would honestly work a little harder to be impressive. He was so nervous he had to keep drying his sweaty nasty palms on his napkin practically using an entire pack of cheap disposables by the time the meal was finished. However, that was not nearly as hilarious him putting on The Weeknd after the meal was finished as if it was his soundtrack to what he thought was a sure thing, him getting lucky. He brought me to his living room and introduced me to his tacky Ikea couch as he began to rub on my thigh. Finally, the real fun was about to begin. I bit my lip pretending as though he was turning me on. 


Then, I reached over and rubbed on his thigh and began to move my hand up to his crotch. However, on my face, I showed sheer confusion. “I didn’t know you were a woman,” I whispered into his ear feeling over where a massive erection should be. Stunned he jumped back saying “I am not, I am a man!” I pretended to look sincerely shocked, stunned, and apologetic. “Wait, what do you mean? You don’t have a dick!” “What?!?! I DO TOO!” He interjected with excitement grabbing the front of his pants. I felt my hand over the front of him again as if I was a blind bitch reading brail. 

This Dumb Ass Deserved This Tiny Dick Humiliation! 

“No…? I really don’t think I feel anything? Prove it!” Irritated, and kind of turned on. He was thinking it was just a ploy for me to get into his pants faster. He quickly jumped up, unzipped, and dropped his pants and tightly whiteys to his knees. That is when I could not hold the act any longer. I burst into loud, hysterical laughter. Overpowering the sound of his R&B music. I held up my tiny pinky finger and began taunting him. Embarrassed he pulled up his pants and ran to his shagging spot, “where all the magic happens”. Crying like a little bitch. It took me 15 minutes to even compose myself to get an Uber back home. His reactions to that tiny dick humiliation made me laugh so hard!

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