Timed JOI – Will you CUM before the countdown ends?

Being the Kingdom Cock Tease is fun, don’t get me wrong. But… sometimes I’m too easy on you guys and ALWAYS let you have your release in the end. Every once in a while a little timed JOI is in order for my cock control junkies!

It’s so much fun to have you in the grip of my control – hard, throbbing cock in hand; all lubed up and getting your jack off instruction from the hot slut you know it REALLY belongs to! Giggling silently to myself because I know that soon you’re going to get an unexpected surprise from me! I so love the intense orgasm you have after I’ve teased and edged and sensually tormented your hard cock that you come to believe that I simply CAN’T resist and deny you.

Let me assure you that you are wrong. And my surprise timed JOI during our cock tease session is just the ticket to educating you on who gives the orders and who takes them. I like to edge you at least 2 or 3 times before the countdown begins. You guys react to timed JOI in one of 2 ways. When I whisper in my soft, seductive voice, “Baby. Are you ready to cum?” You start to let yourself go. You KNOW you’re about to get that release you’ve been dying for since BEFORE you even called.

But then, when you say yes? I tell you in my cute but evil whisper… “I’ll let you cum, baby. But only if you can cum before I finish my countdown. If you can’t cum before I get to 1? You have to put your cock away and save that cum for another day… GO!” Now. My mood for the day determines how long the countdown is. You might get 20 seconds. Maybe 15. More often 10. If I want to make it EXTRA hard on you? After the word “GO” you might hear FIVE… FOUR… THREE… TWO… it’s all up to me. The controller of your cock!

If you’re not that bright and don’t catch on quickly? Odds are my timed JOI will have you stuffing that throbbing dick and those swollen balls back into your boxers or tightie whities after a fit of whining and pleading. Some of you get right away that if you don’t start jerking hard, right now? That cum is going to stay right where it is – inside your overtaxed balls. So you start to beat that cock as fast and hard as you can. But, which reaction would YOU have when I put you on the spot?  Those of you with performance anxiety don’t stand a chance. Even though 10 seconds ago you were on the edge of a delicious orgasm? Knowing you have to cum on command or not at all makes it impossible to push yourself over the edge.

Then there are those of you that rise to my timed JOI challenge. That extra rush of adrenaline and performance pressure makes you ever hotter. As soon as I start to count and you know I’m not going to let you cum if you can’t do it by MY rules – that thick, creamy, pent-up cum explodes from your cock in a hot, milky river. Steam after stream pouring out of you until your balls are completely emptied. And afterwards we BOTH know it’s the hardest you’ve cum in a long time. And we also both know who is in charge of your cock. (It’s not YOU, baby.)

Call me if f you think you’re you’re “up” to the challenge.

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