How is mommy’s sweet baby boy doing today? Look at that handsome face. Whew, do I smell a dirty diaper? It is time for a change, isn’t it? Well, lay down and let this hot mommy change your diaper.

Of course, we have to clean that dirty bum up. And, I am going to use wet wipes to get all the crevices clean too. Especially, around your balls and butthole.

Does that tickle? Of course, Mommy wants you to enjoy yourself. In fact, I need to put baby lotion on you. I don’t want my precious baby getting a diaper rash, do I?

It is good to come to Mommy when it is time for a change.

You want my soft touch and sexy hands doing this for you. Oh, my, you are getting a hardon, young man. I guess you are liking the way I rub that lotion on your cock and balls.

Of course, you are such a good boy for Mommy. Now, let’s put some powder on over the lotion and you are ready for a fresh, clean diaper. Do you want the dinosaur one tonight?

I think it is a good choice when it is time for a change. You look so handsome with your dino diaper and dinosaur onesie on. My handsome little man, all fresh and clean for his mommy.

Do you want to sit on my lap and nurse?

Additionally, I will read a book to you as you feed. In fact, let me take off my blouse and bra so you have access to Mommy’s sexy big tits. Look at that smile on my baby’s face.

Of course, you are ready to eat, aren’t you? Good, my breasts are full of milk to feed my precious little one. Go on, choose a boob and start feeding. I will read you the story.

Similarly, if you make another mess, it will be time for a change again. You let me know if you pee-pee in your diaper. Goodness, you are staying rock-hard on my lap.

I guess Mommy is going to have to help you with that.

Here, let me rub it through your pamper. I know how much you love that crinkling sound it makes. As the best diaper lover mommy, I know all that you need to feel good.

That’s right. I know you love the feeling of that diaper rubbing against your hard dick. Feeling my hand wrapping around it and your stiffie. That’s the spot, isn’t it?

Uh, oh, is it time for a change again? Furthermore, I feel some wetness in there. You pee-pee’d didn’t you. It is okay, I am here to take care of you, baby boy. In fact, lay back and let me take off your wet diaper.

Oh, yes, what a mess, definitely time for a change!

Here, let’s get that wet diaper off. Goodness, you are still so hard. Here, let me use my hand on your rod and help you get some relief. Moreover, do you love my soft hand sliding up and down with the lotion?

Of course, you like that don’t you?! Good, let me go faster. That’s my boy, enjoy it and let those balls fill up for Mommy. Oh, that’s it. Are you going to cummy for me? Just let it go, big boy!

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Time For A Change