You could tell he tried really hard… but there was no resisting two tight young teens!!

When I was 14, I spent all my time at my friend, Jessica’s house. Her mom had just remarried, and we both had the biggest crush on her new stepdad! Mr. Laredo was so handsome. He was tall, very muscular, tan, with bright blue eyes. Jessica and I were a bit on the slow side of puberty. We had both just begun to bud, with small but perky tits and matching bubble butts. The two of us tight young teens had planned on spending the entire summer by her stepdad’s pool. We had no idea just how amazing that summer would turn out to be!

On the first pool day of the season, Jess and I were ready! We had on our brand-new string bikinis, hers was black mine was pink, and rushed out to the pool. Mr. Laredo was already there with a Bloody Mary and his newspaper. Jessica’s mom had gotten called into work so it was just the three of us. His chair was facing the stairwell to the pool but it was hard to see where he was looking because of his reflector sunglasses.

Jessica and I both giggled and whispered to each other as we approached the stairwell. “I dare you to bend over right in front of him!” “Oh my gosh, I dare you to have a nip slip!” we giggled some more, arms intertwined and playfully poking each other. After several minutes of this, I finally got up the courage.

“Hey, Mr. Laredo? Mind if we put on some music?” I called out between giggles.

“Go ahead, girls, have fun.” He said, looking up from his newspaper just briefly, raising one eyebrow as he looked at us.


I finally got up the courage to ask Mr. Laredo to join us in the water… our young wet bodies glistening in the sunlight…


We both noticed the eyebrow and stared at each other wide-eyed and open smiles. Jessica ran to turn on the music while I playfully stretched in front of her stepdad. Jessica rushed back quickly after cranking up some trendy pop song we started booty-bopping to. We called for her stepdad to come join us as we got into the water and kept dancing and splashing around. He did one of those exasperated dad sighs right before draining his drink and getting off his pool chair.

Jessica’s blonde hair was soaked to her skin. My brunette hair was still half dry, but the wet ends draped around my barely-there breasts. The swimsuit material was so thin, you could see the outline of out tiny, hard nipples through our bikini tops. Mr. Laredo sauntered over to the steps and walked in to greet us in the shallow end. I immediately started splashing him and jumping on his back. Jessica followed suit.

I had draped my skinny arms over his broad shoulders and squeezed onto him tightly, pressing my hard nipples against his back. Jessica attacked him from the front, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist, both of us struggling to pull him down in the water, but really just taking the opportunity to rub up on his fit body.

Suddenly, Mr. Laredo was putting his hands up in the air being careful not to touch us. That’s when I noticed a little bulge in his swim trunks! All it took was the bodies of two tight young teens to do the trick! I giggled even harder, trying to get Jessica’s attention to look down and see it too, but she was distracted holding her stepdad with one arm and splashing him with the other.


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So, I took this opportunity to slide my body to his side, still pressing my chest into his back firmly. My skimpy bikini top did just what I wanted it to. It slid past my perky tit and exposed it right as I was shimmying my body to Mr. Laredo’s front to give him a full view. I was climbing on his raised arm so as soon as he looked down, he could see my young, teenage tit.

“Whoa,” he started and tried to get us both off of him. “I’m sorry, Julianna,” he looked away, “your top.. you- you need to fix your top.” Jessica and I both giggled and reached for his hands to uncover them, teasing him.

“Oh, Mr. Laredo what’s the matter?”

“Yeah, Steve, it’s just us!”

More giggles. He had backed away a couple of steps in the water so we were standing in front of him. He pulled his hands off his eyes and looked at us. My tit was still exposed. His bulge twitched in his trunks. He looked curious but timid. Yes! This is what we had always talked about! It was happening! But how far could we take it?

I pulled my top completely off and stared at Mr. Laredo. He didn’t move. So Jessica ripped hers off too, leaving both of these tight young teens bodies exposed. His bulge twitched again, but he didn’t move from his spot. This was it… we were finally about to get what we had always wished for…


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