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“It’s time. Meet me in the girls locker room after practice.”

After practice, all of my team mates had changed and gone home. I went into the locker room and took off all of my clothes. Soon after, I heard a loud group of guys enter the locker room. I was sitting in the way back. Nervous but, naked. All of the guys looked at me, eyes wide. I told them to come touch me. All of the guys slowly surrounded me in a circle and I was in the center. I was a tight young teen and had hands all over my body. I felt hands on my legs, stomach, tits, ass, inner thighs, and even touching my tight little pussy.

The guys started taking off their clothes.

There it was. What I was waiting for this whole time. All of a sudden I had 6 cocks surrounding me. All of my guy friends were completely naked and their cocks were hanging out in a circle around me. I grabbed one in each hand on my sides and started stroking them as I put the cock in front of me in my mouth to suck it. All of a sudden I felt hands grab me by my hips, pull my ass up off me knees and I started feeling the tip of a cock rub against my ass. It was so warm, and hard. I than noticed another one of my guy friends laid underneath me as I was sucking his friends dick. He pulled me down towards him and I sat down right on his cock.

I let out a loud moan and scream as his cock entered my fresh, unused, and tight little pussy. The guy that was behind me pushed my chest down on top of the guy I was fucking and pulled my ass up again, he slowly started pushing his cock into my little ass hole. I leaned up just enough to put the cock I was sucking back in my mouth while I still had a cock in each hand.

Being such a tight young teen, I was in so much pain as I was getting fucked in my unused pussy and ass at the same time. I opened my tear filled eyes in disbelief and observed what was going on… I had a cock slowly entering my ass, a cock in my pussy, I was jacking off a cock in each hand and I was even sucking a nice thick cock. Looked to the side of the guy I was sucking and the last guy was stroking himself to the sight of all of his friends fucking the new tight young teen slut in school.

I wasn’t just a tight young teen. I was a tight young teen who had every hole filled, and I couldn’t get enough.

But, there was still something missing. I wanted cum. Took the cock out of my mouth to tell all the guys the same thing…

“I want your cum. All of you guys! Please!”

I’m thinking all of them were also virgins because it was very shortly after I said that, that I had a mouth full of warm cum, dripping out of my mouth, as I lick my lips… I didn’t want to waste a drop. Than I felt a rocket of cum go deep inside my pussy and the same into my ass. As all of my holes were getting filled the two guys I was jacking off both came at the same time, on each side of my face.

Finally. I got what I was craving this whole time. Cock, and lots and lots of CUM.

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