I am sexy and I know it, just like that song. Being a young sexy domme is easy when you look this good. Men are willing to do anything I say when I am jiggling my big titties in their faces. Of course, the chance at my young pussy is also a factor. I know I love using Tight Young Orgasm Control on my subs. Teasing them all of my beauty and not letting them cum until they are ready to burst.

Controlling men is fun. Being so young and controlling men is exciting! Men are suckers for a pretty face and body. Especially one in a young package like mine. It is like their brains quit working around me and I become the boss. That is why I am a domme. Seeing how easy it is to control and dominate these men, I knew I need to make the most of it!

Now, I use Tight Young Orgasm Control to torture and please them.

It does a little of both, depending on the sub I am playing with. Some of my subs love pain and get off on it. For them, using my body and denying them to the point of horrible pain and suffering is pleasurable. They are so much fun! Of course, my other subs, enjoy the denial, but only to a certain point. Similarly, they are lots of fun too!

Providing Extreme Edging Experiences is what I do! From my favorite caller of the week to the guys I rarely speak to, they’re all great fun for me. I love being bitchy and controlling to my subs. Daddy is teaching me that this makes the games more fun. He is the best teacher in the world. Letting my subs jerk off as I get closer and closer to them. They can smell me, see my beautiful giant titties up close and it is driving them nuts.

Then, as they are getting closer to cumming, I make them stop jerking.

It is exhilarating seeing the pain in their eyes as I am making them wait. I laugh and giggle at their predicament. My Tight Young Orgasm Control can be rough on the subs. Well, on the ones that weak little pussies. Of course, that is a lot of them. As their goddess, it is my goal to help them get stronger by adding more time to our denial game each time we play.

They may not see it as a good thing during the moment, but I am helping them in the long run. These guys need to be stronger and able to control themselves better. Now, I am always going to be stronger than them and be their sexy young domme. They can’t change that much. Besides, they can’t live without my tight teen body in their faces. I don’t let many of them fuck me so I say faces.

Oh, did I not mention that?

Denial is denial. My pussy is denied for most of my subs. They have to be extra special or really good boys to even get to touch it. I have a very special tight teen kitty. Not just anyone gets to play with her. Of course, my daddy gets to play with her whenever he wants. We have so much fun together.

I love sharing all the things we do on my calls during my Incest Phone Sex. Daddy has a huge dick and I love it when he puts it in all my holes. Sharing the fun I am having with my family is exciting. So many of my callers have fantasies about incest and age-play. I can bring those fantasies to life. It doesn’t matter how dark they are, we can role-play out anything you bring me.

I have no limits and like to get naughty.

Of course, you can be anything you want with me. I am also a happy switch. That means if you prefer to be dominant, I can be your submissive. I love controlling men with my Tight Young Orgasm Control, but I can also be Daddy’s good girl. Or, bad girl if you prefer. So, what is it you like to do? Which scenario is getting your dick hard right now? Call me so I can help you take care of that boner!