I am meeting so many men that are into edging. It is awesome, making their night using my amazing skills and extremely sexy body. Then adding in my incredible ability at tease and denial play, I am bringing them home with a huge climax! Giving my favorite caller of the week his best Extreme Edging Experiences. I am totally getting him hooked on this sexy bitch.

This guy is so much fun. I am very good at giving him Bratty Girl Phone Sex. My abilities are like no other. Incest age-play with my family is giving me these great skills. My daddy loves playing tease and denial games. He can never get enough and is always asking for more. I am so grateful for the training he is giving me. Furthermore, this training is turning me into a Goddess at extreme edging experiences.

I love getting Jake all hot and bothered with extreme edging experiences.

In our Incest Loving Family is close. We make the most of all things, including a crazy blizzard. Where we live is harsh during the winter season. Mom keeps everything stocked up and ready in case of any big storms that are keeping us stuck at home. Our family doesn’t mind and use these storms as opportunities for playing together in naughty ways. Of course, what happens is taboo and best shared over calls with me.

Let’s get back to my favorite caller, Jake. Tonight he is calling for some more extreme edging experiences and I am ready to get him off! During our tease and denial games, I am bitchy and controlling. Daddy says that makes the game more fun. I love taking control of the men I am playing with. Using my bratty attitude, making them bow down and beg to climax.

Trust me when I tell you all good boys shoot huge loads during our playtime!

Once our game is starting you are my bitch. You are going to do as you are told. If I tell you to stop jerking off, you better fucking listen to me. I am comfortable punishing my playmates if they are disobedient. Punishment ranges from spanking your ass to denying your orgasm for hours, days, weeks or even longer. This diva does not have an issue with torturing your cock and balls with longterm denial.

Therefore, I suggest you are a good boy for me. As we are playing our games, you will respond quickly and accurately to all of my commands. As long as you do, we are on our way to huge orgasms. And yes, I said orgasms, plural. My goal is multiple orgasms for you and for me. I am your fucking goddess, I better be getting mine during our extreme edging experiences.

This sexy slut loves cumming with her callers.

Okay, I love cumming anytime I am able. Whether it is with you guys or on my own, getting off is awesome. So many opportunities every day and every night. Between my gig, my family and all the fun people I meet, I am getting my whoregasms everywhere! My lady juice is finding it’s way onto cocks, into mouths and other pussies. All of them getting addicted to my tasty cream.

Of course, I am getting my share of cum too. I enjoy being a naughty cum slut with my non-submissive friends too. I am able to switch from dominant to submissive, enjoying both sides of the coin. Seriously, making my life fucking awesome! Being that bratty bitch and providing the best extreme edging experiences is wonderful.

I never get tired of the tease and denial games.

Just ask my favorite caller of the week, Jake! Knowing my callers or other playmates are giving me full control is hot. Being the one that decides when they are getting off is intoxicating. Sometimes a caller is asking me to be even bitchier and I am more than happy at complying. Treating him like a bad puppy dog, not worthy of my time or pretty little kitty down there. Taking the opportunity, helping him embrace his loser life.

Truth is, there isn’t anything sexually I don’t enjoy. When you call me, all you have to do is ask and I am willing to do it. I have no limits, which gives you everything your heart desires with my phone sex. You know you are curious and your dick is hard now. Call me!


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