I have a lot of callers that are curious about being a sissy. Lucky for you guys, I am a Tight Teen Panty Princess! Sissy training is in my blood, and all my pretty callers are getting the best with me. When we start, I will be asking questions to understand where you want to go with your sissy training. Every guy has a slightly different idea for his final sissy destination.

I must be giving you what you are desiring. Of course, all of you love lingerie and feeling sexy. The feeling of the satin or silk on your skin, rubbing against your cock or soon to be your clitoris. Then there those of you that love the idea of stockings. Thigh highs with heels. So fucking sexy and my panty boy phone sex will help you get there!

You are getting the full training with this tight teen panty princess!

It is my goal for us to spend time getting to know each other. For me to give you the best training, I need to understand where you are coming from. Once you are open, telling me all your secret fantasies, we are going to work to make them happen. It is a fantastic gift I have been given to help guys like you. Showing you how to be the sexy panty-boy, are you dreaming of is incredible.

Tell me, have you been practicing anything on your own? Are you purchasing lingerie, make-up, or stockings? It is fantastic if you are, it is helping you prepare for the diva you will be soon. When you are doing tight teen panty princess sessions with me, you will be wearing my pretty panties. I am letting you wear my favorite Bratty Princess Pink Panties! These are my special panties, meaning you are special too.

I know they make me feel sexy, and they are going to do the same for you.

During your training, you need to adopt ultra-feminine behavior and perform feminine activities under my guidance. As a submissive man, you are counting on my dominant tight teen panty princess sessions. This time together is how you are showing me how serious you are about this transformation. Are we taking it all the way?

I enjoy teaching my sissies how to wear make-up, walk in heels, and, most importantly, how to satisfy men or me using your sweet holes. Of course, this process isn’t an overnight thing. We will need to put in the time and training to transform you properly. I don’t want to rush you, only to leave you hanging in the world all alone. That isn’t my way of doing things.

When you are with me, it is all the way.

We start with feminine training in all areas of your life. From the body to the activities, it is all-important that you master everything. Finally, once you are a confident, sexy diva, I will bring you into a new world of pleasing others: me, my lady friends, or men we have over for playtime. You will be a sissy bitch for them, bowing down to please them in every way.

Of course, if that is too much for you, I understand. We can do the minimal sissy training with just the two of us, and my strapon. Some guys are never ready to please other men, getting off on the clothing and goddess fun. I want you to know that it is okay with me. I am happy with it being just us for naughty fun. Sissy training is different for each person.

That is why I put so much into each of you.

So that each one of my sissies gets the personal training he deserves. If you are craving the experience of a real cock, we are going there. However, if you are all about sexy clothes, physical transformation, and pleasing your tight teen panty princess, we will go that pathway. Even though I am your goddess, you must be having fun too.

The experiences I am bringing you are for you; I am here sharing the ride with you. Supporting you during the transformation to the sissy you dream of being. I get the love of sexy clothing, stockings, heels, and make-up. They are all some of my favorite things. So call me and let’s play!

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