I babysit for Mike and Jackie Wilson all the time. They have three great kids, and I love their house. When I am babysitting, I am always pretending it is my house — trying on Jackie’s beautiful clothes and lingerie. Mike is so handsome, and Jackie is sexy. She is such a strong and powerful woman. I love being their Tight Teen Babysitter, and they love me too. Mike always tips me well.

They both flirt with me, but we don’t do anything naughty. Well, up to this point, we haven’t. I am a slut, and I am always hoping they will want more from their tight teen babysitter. Mike’s body is rock hard with muscles. He has that sexy smile and those big biceps. He lifts the kids like they are little toys. They are also great parents to those kids.

Little do I know that they are planning a special holiday treat for their tight teen babysitter!

Jackie asked if I had any plans for Christmas? I explained we are doing our Christmas on the eve since most of my family work on Christmas day. She is so excited I can come over to spend time with them. I am thinking they got me a gift, and their kids are wanting to see me open it. I am getting excited to see what it is! I love this family, and I am so happy!

Christmas morning, and I am waking up with a smile. Today is a great day, and I am so happy to get up and start it. I am making breakfast for my family before they all have to go to work. This is one of the traditions that we all love. Once everyone has eaten, they all head out to face their days at work. Typically, I get the house to myself and watch my favorite shows. This year I am heading over to the Wilson’s to hang out.

It will be awesome if I get time with Mike and Jackie and no kids!

I am so good in bed; I guarantee there are things I can show them! All that experience leads to great calls when I am on as a sexy teen phone sex operator. My callers love how dirty I am. Mostly, they love that I am into so many different taboo things. This tight teen babysitter has very few limits, and I will get naughty on my calls. Sharing my incest stories is so much fun! Like Forced Cuckold Incest play with my mom! So hot!

As I am walking up the sidewalk at the Wilson’s, all the kids are running out to hug me. Everyone is wearing a silly, ugly Christmas sweater, making me laugh out loud. Inside, they have a fantastic food buffet laid out in the dining room. Wow, this is a fantastic Christmas day for me! Then, Jackie says, lets open gifts with Molly.

Gifts, they have gotten me multiple gifts!

I love all my presents. Then Mike is telling the kids to get ready; their grandparents will be here any minute. What, I am getting alone time with Mike and Jackie?! Sure enough, the grandparents are taking the kids to a special movie. Once they are gone, Mike announces they have a special gift for me. Jackie is taking my hand and walking me upstairs.

When we get up to their room, and they open the door, it is decorated all sexy and pretty. Mike says, “We all flirt with each other, and we thought it was time to have a threesome with you, Molly.” Finally, we are going to play naughty together. I smile from ear to ear and hug them both at the same time. Jackie looks and Mike and says, “I guess she is happy to hear that!”

We all start making out and undressing each other.

They are both even sexier without clothes on, and this tight teen babysitter knows she is getting the jackpot! I am winning the babysitter lottery with these two. Mike has a huge dick and a great body. Jackie is so lean and fine. I start kissing those tits and exploring her body. Both of them are doing the same to me.

From there, it gets so wild and hot. I know you want to hear all the dirty details. All you have to do is call me, and I will share them with you!

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