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It’s no surprise that all my neighbors love to watch me.  Would you risk the chance of getting caught watching my Tight Teen Ass?  Mr Scott breaks his neck every time he sees me riding by on my bike.  (Wicked LiL Grin) Maybe I should teach him a little lesson? It was time to take his little fetish to a whole new level.

It was obvious he wanted this Tight Teen Ass and it was time to put him to the test. Without a doubt, the challenge was to turn him into my cuckold sex slave.  I was young, ready, and willing. Finding a Partner in Crime to help me break this voyeur pervert would be an easy task. If anyone could turn heads with his dick – it was Larson.  Fucking me while Mr Scott watched would throw them both over the edge.  We took every opportunity to fuck where he could see us. In the shower and in the bedroom with the curtains wide open. He was hook line and sinker before he knew what hit him.

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He couldn’t look away. I could tell Mr Scott wanted a taste of me at any expense.   I was his fantasy teen girl that got away when he was younger.  This was his chance to get back a piece of his youth. We continued teasing him as we fucked like rabbits. The sounds of intense pleasure drove him crazy, as he stroked his dick to my explosive orgasm.  Cuckolding Mr. Scott didn’t take much effort and soon he would pay the price to be part of my Tight Teen Ass world.

Like a good little tease, I rode my bike over to his house across the street.  I could see he was getting nervous as he saw me coming. I love making older men quiver at the very thought of me. The scent of sex filled his nostrils as I straddled my bike seat like a cock.  My pussy was still filled with cum and dripping down my leg.  “Did you enjoy watching?” I blurted out.  “Interested in joining?”(Wicked LiL Laugh) And just like that…..

Who is the schoolboy now chasing Tight Teen Ass?

Like a puppy dog, he followed my Tight Teen Ass all the way home. My plan was in motion way before I even closed the door behind us.  Consequently, nothing would ever be the same for Mr Scott from that moment on.   With a taste and a tease, I made him start licking Larson’s cum from my tight cunt.  Hungry like a dog in heat, he didn’t stop there when I encouraged him to suck Larson’s cock.   He could still taste me juices that glazed his cock.

After all, did we introduce him to being cuckold or bisexual?  Either way, it was hot being in control as we cuckolded Mr Scott.  Soon in a 69 position, Mr Scott lost his mind as we cuckolded him.  One minute Larson’s dick was fucking my Tight Teen Ass and the next Mr. Scott was sucking a throbbing hard cock.  Consequently, he couldn’t resist the temptation or the taste of my juices.  Fate dealt him a hand he couldn’t refuse. He was now a cuckold cock sucker and swallowing every inch was his destiny.  This was what he wanted and it came with a price.

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