My Tight Little Body is Your Cure

Do you have a medical fetish in need of treatment? Good, you’ve come to the right nurse for your ailment. I’m a legitimate nurse but my practices tend to be a little… unconventional. When my patients have a bad case of a medical fetish, I like to write them a prescription for my tight little body. All my past patients claim that it was a miracle cure. I’m sure you’ll have the same outcome. 

How to Get a Prescription

The first thing you need to do is call me on my naughty nurse line. Then, I need you to confess all your dirty medical fetish fantasies to me. Don’t leave out any nasty little details. I want to hear it all. You need to convince me that you’re really suffering from a medical fetish. If you do, then I will definitely write you a prescription for my tight little body.

Next, you’ll need to come to my office to fulfill that prescription. It’s decked out just like a medical office but, I’m the only one here. I’ll greet you in my white little nurse’s dress, thigh-high white stockings, and white heels. I look both angelic and sinful and it turns you on instantly. But, before we begin treatment, I need to warn you about the side effects. 

Side Effects of My Tight Little Body

Like with any treatment, my tight little body comes with some side effects. I legally have to disclose those before you claim your prescription. And since you aren’t giving off micro dick energy, I know we’re going to have a lot of fun!

The most common side effect of my tight little body is a raging hard-on. Once you see my bare pussy for the taking, your cock is going to be immediately stiff and throbbing, usually this happens within seconds. Then, once that cock gets sucked by my pretty little mouth, you’re definitely going to be leaking precum down my throat. Lastly, once you’re inside me you’re not going to want to pull out. Oh, and I require you to fuck me bareback. It’s the only way the treatment is guaranteed to work. But that’s ok because I love getting a cream pie. If you’re ok with these side effects, step into my office…

Your Exam

First, I’m going to give you a buck-naked exam. Then I’m going to get on my knees and suck your cock. Mmm, I taste that pre-cum already. Now your cock is fully lubricated. It’s time for the real treatment. I sit on the exam table and hike up my little white dress revealing that I’m not wearing any panties. You grab ahold of my tight little body and press your cock to my pussy lips. Then, you impale me with that raging hard-on and thrust in and out of my tight twat. I scream because you’re so hard and thick, stretching me out. 

In the heat of passion, you tear open the top of my dress and squeeze and suck on my perky tits. That sends us both over the edge. I start cumming on your cock as you unload inside me. Now, I’ve got a delicious cream pie! You are cured, for now, of your medical fetish urges. But, to keep that fetish at bay, you’ll need to have this tight little body once a week. I hope you can handle that. 


Need your prescription refilled? Call my naughty nurse phone sex hotline