Tight College Coed Gets An “A”, From Her Naughty Professor!

Tight college coed gets an “A”, from her naughty Professor! Did you guess that the tight college coed, was me? My girlfriend Dawn and I were totally flunking our English class, but I came up with a great idea to get an A. I am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and if that means giving up the goods, then so be it. I had been trying to figure out how to get both of us on the Dean’s List and nothing seemed to be working. The only thing standing in our way was this damn English class and I was hell-bent on getting my way.

I told Dawn that it might take a bit more work, than what we’re used to, but I knew we could do it and she was game. Before English class started, I asked Dr.Dawson if Dawn and I could talk to him after class about our grades and our upcoming project. He said we could meet him in his office an hour after class and that’s exactly what we did. We used that hour, to get ready for our meeting, touching up our makeup and slipping off our panties, we just wanted to be prepared. When we were ready we went to his office and shut the door behind us, with every intention of getting those A’s!

      I sat on the edge of the desk and put my hand around Dawn’s waist, pulling her to me.

She bent forward and kissed me while Dr.Dawson anxiously watched us. We kissed for a few minutes, then I pulled away. “Poor Dr. Dawson, it’s not fair to leave him out!”, I told her and she went over to him. “You’re right…..oh he’s so hard!” she told me, as she sat in his lap and put her hands on his dick. Dr. Dawson was nervous and clearly didn’t know what to do, but we assured him that everything was well and that all he needed to do was relax! Dawn and I undressed each other, then cleared his desk and gave our undivided attention to him.

I pushed Dr. Dawson down on his desk and he looked over at Dawn who was sitting in his chair, playing with her pussy. I let him watch her for a minute then said, “Don’t forget about me, Dr. Dawson.” He said he could never do that and I climbed on the desk and straddled his face in the 69 position. His warm breath tickled my thighs and I rubbed my pussy over his mouth. His tongue licked my clit and ran along my outer lips, before pushing inside me. He licked along my pussy walls, making me squirm on top of him.

Dawn then grabbed his cock in her hand and shoved it deep into my mouth!

Oh my goodness, I thought he was going to jerk us both off the desk when I did that. She jerked him off, while I continued to suck. Up and down her hand and my mouth went. Then, I sat up so that Dawn could ride him, as I smothered him with my pussy! She climbed on top of him and slid her tight young pussy down his cock. She moaned as he entered her and he licked me faster and faster! I leaned forward to lick her hard nipples and she went through the roof!

I watched as she began to ride him, her breasts bouncing up and down while she enthusiastically groaned. Then I shoved my pussy down, as it gushed and he licked my clit. My thighs flexed as my body gave a little shiver and he rubbed his tongue over my clit again and again. I begged him to keep going, not bothering to keep my voice down as my body shuddered. I came hard, squirting all over his face and closed my eyes, as I listened to Dawn fuck Dr. Dawson while my body tensed up. I slowly eased up and heard Dawn cry out as she came.

I slid off Dr. Dawson, leaving pussy juices all over him, while Dawn said: “Oh, I came so hard, I bet he really felt my pussy clench down on him!”

Mr.Dawson laid there, face red and dick still hard, as she told me how good he had felt. “Now Dr.Dawson,” I said as I began putting my clothes back on, ” You are dying to cum, I can tell and we need an A in this class so we can make the Dean’s List. We can clearly see that your balls are full and need to release. We want to give you what you want, as long as you give us what we want…..” He thought about it for a brief second and that’s when he decided that cumming inside of my tight young pussy, was well worth the two A’s!

So I laid on the desk on my back, while Dawn grabbed my legs and pulled them over my head and Dr. Dawson……. Hmm I’d love to tell you in great detail how much Dr. Dawson loved cumming inside of my tight college coed pussy! With that being said cum join your naughty vixen, for kinky free phone sex and let’s have some fun!

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