I was a naughty girl last night and got punished with a Paddle by Brian but in a good way that made me want to be naughty all the time. It was a fun, playful punishment and I can’t wait until I see him again.

When I let him into my place I wasn’t expecting the Paddle. He stood there smirking at me and I blushed because I had done exactly what he wanted. I was wearing a skimpy little bra that made the top of my tits spill out of and tiny panties that barely covered me. We’ve only talked online before so it was really exciting to do this in person. I couldn’t believe that a stranger could make me act this way.

 I’d told him I had a big problem that I couldn’t control; I was horny all the time and couldn’t stop having sex. I needed someone to punish me, give me a taste of pain and humiliation so I could think about something else for a change. We both knew it wouldn’t work and would just make me hornier but that’s what makes it so much fun.

 He put his big hand on my upper arm and led me to the bedroom while telling me that he was disappointed in me and that for the next half hour I was going to behave. I wondered what he was going to do to me and a rush went through me as he took out a roll of pink bondage tape from his coat pocket.

 I sat on the end of the bed and held my arms in front of me as he tied my wrists together, the tape binding them tightly.

He then took a paddle off the bed and held it in his hand, getting used to the weight of it. I haven’t used it in ages but I still remembered the heavy whack it made and my nipples got hard and bumpy.

 He smacked the Paddle against the palm of his hand. My pussy started to throb as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me further onto the bed. My arms were crushed in front of me as he made me go down on my knees and lean forward so my ass was in the air. I could see him over my shoulder and my body tensed up as he stood behind me.

 My toes hung off the edge of the bed and I tried to squeeze myself tighter together as he lifted his arm and brought down the paddle. It landed on me with a loud, dull smack and I flinched as I bit down on the sheets. Pins and needles spread over my ass. I tried to wiggle away before he could hit me again but he pulled my ankle back towards him.

 He hit me with the Paddle four more times, each one harder than the last and my ass felt red hot and raw.

My eyes were watery and I felt shaky as he gave me a rest and my breath was all shaky. I was so scared when he raised his arm again. I cried out as he gave me so many whacks that I lost count. The sound of the Paddle hitting my ass filled my ears and I felt so embarrassed when I realized that my pussy was wet. This shouldn’t be turning me on but it was.

My groans and cries got louder as the pain grew. But I didn’t tell him to stop because I knew he was going to make it better. I love the paddle!

To be continued. XOXO

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