My boy toy and I love to tease each other. We love foreplay and everything that cums with it. My goal is to have him leaking pre cum and his goal to feel my pussy and it be soaking wet. That’s the reason why I decided to get a wand. It is seriously the best investment. It doesn’t require batteries which means the pleasure is for hours, and hours. Two weeks ago he came over and said he want it to tie me up. I obviously agreed but he had a huge surprise for me.

After I was all tied up with some long ribbons, I just love the way silk feels on my skin, he set my wand right on my clit. I thought he only want it to tease me, as he always does. So there I was on my bed, tied up to it, with a wand on my clit and him teasing me nipples, I soon started to soak my sheets. My pussy was craving his cock so much. Then he said I wasn’t allowed to cum and lowered the intensity on the wand. It still felt good but it wasn’t strong enough to make me cum. He asked if I was his good girl, and of course I said I was. He then said he was going to run errands, and leave me tied up, and if I came I would be punished. I couldn’t believe what he was about to do but I always take on a challenge.

He took what seem forever. I just laid on my bed, with the wand on my clit, sometimes trying to think of things to distract me, other times really enjoying the subtle vibration on my clit and feeling my juices soak my sheets. At many times I had to stop thinking about his cock because I thought I was going to cum. Then I finally heard the door open. My pussy was pulsating in anticipation but he still took his time. He came into the room and smiled at me. I begged him to fuck me. I needed him inside me. He pulled out his cock through the zipper, climbed on top of me, and his hard cock slid right into me. My pussy was soaking and all I needed was him inside me to cum. He thrusted in and out of my pussy for a few minutes and I came all over his cock. As soon as he felt my pussy tighten he exploded inside my wet cunt.

My sheets were a mess, and I can’t wait till he ties me up before he leaves again, maybe next we I should stay tied up the whole night.



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