I don’t know what it is about my ticklish feet that turns me on so much.  Truth be told, its not just my feet that are ticklish, but they are the MOST ticklish part of me.  I just feel so helpless, so vulnerable, and, from what I am told, my giggle is infectious.  My giggle might just be the best part.

My toes are perfect for tickling!  They are so smooth, soft, and oh so touchable.  I have had men beg to rub my feet, smell my feet, and tickle my feet.  They are like a foot fetishist dream come true.  When you start to touch them with soft touch, I can’t help but wiggle my toes and squeal with pleasure.  Softly running your tongue along my sole, between my toes, and up my ankle makes me laugh uncontrollably.  Maybe I am more ticklish than the next girl, but that just makes the whole experience that much more fun

Maybe you need to tie me down and make me take it!!

Do you like it when I try to pull away???   Tickle me to the point of no return!  Make me beg and plead for you to stop, but just keep going.  I want you to make me buck and wiggle wildly.  Make me your toy to tease and tickle as you please.  I love the feeling of being helpless, but not so much in any real danger.  I love the feeling of having you overpower me in a way that is also delightful.

Does hearing a girlish giggle and the thought of relentless tickling turn you on?  Do you not only have a foot fetish, but also a tickle fetish?  Bust out those feathers, your fingers, or even your tongue and lets see just how much I can take!  I can’t wait to play with you!

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