I am into trying new things. Recently a guy showed me a new fetish that I had not thought about much, if at all. It was curious and peculiar but… I was intrigued when he told me about it. I had never met anyone like him before! It was fun. I have always hated being tickled but knowing he was so turned on by it made me try it.


We were just hanging out on a Friday night like always. Playing video games, ordering some pizza, and watching something on Netflix. We laid back and started talking about random things like we do and just talked and laughed. I laid closer to him and he grabbed my hand. Then he reached up towards my hips and started tickling me. He was tickling me so much and I was wiggling around like a fish out of water. Then I felt something interesting.

He tickled me and got hard. I was so confused about what had happened. But, it did. He was in my ear, holding me close as I laid there recovering from the tickling. He grasped my hip and brought me closer and bit my neck and as I moaned he let out a growl. I loved it when he did that. It’s so sexy and makes me get horny. I reached for his bulge and rubbed on it. I then asked “What was that about? Hehe.” He whispered into my ear, “I fucking love tickling girls. I love watching them squirm and hearing them giggle. It’s so cute and hot.”

I looked at him and kissed him hard. He got up on top of me and began kissing me on my neck. I pulled up tank top-up for him and he pulled it off my arms. He held me down by my wrists and pressed his crotch on my panties. I was so turned on! He started trailing down my arms and onto my armpits and he began to tickle me again.

I laughed and he held me down.. it was almost torturous. But, he loved it. Hearing him growl and smile as I laughed was so hot. I unzipped his pants as soon as he stopped tickling me and I pulled out that fat cock and laid it on my pussy on the outside of my panties. He slid his fuck stick over my pantied pussy. I felt his precum on my panties and bit my lip. I smiled at him and he kissed me.

I put my arms up to give him access to my ticklish areas. He trailed around my nipples and down to my hips and tummy. I jumped a little and giggled at the light tickles. He started tickling my sides and I wiggled about and laughed, couple of times I let out a snort. He smiled and laid on top of me, taking a rest from tickling.

He started to kiss me and humped me.. still not inside of me. He tickled me again, this time staying close to me, and then gave me a little bite on the neck and growled. I felt his cock twitching on my pussy.. then it got wet. He came all over my black lace panties! It was pretty hot, actually. I smiled and shook my head, I forgave him though. Of course, I was completely turned on from the tickling. It was so strange! But, I really liked it.

Being so turned on, I had to have him fuck me later. And he did.. good and hard. hehe!

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