Tickling my boyfriend Chris had become a regular thing when one of us was in a bad mood. It was almost like it brought an instant smile to our faces.

Tickling was our way to waking up. Often he is hard to wake up so I resorted to that very way of torture. He would protest and act angry when I did it, but I noticed he would get chubby or a full-on boner from me doing it. I decided to see what would happen if I did it against his will.

One day I told him I wanted to try something new. I didn’t say exactly what I was going to do, I just said I wanted to tie him up and fuck him. I left the rest out!

That night I tied him to the bed, his arms were secure as were his legs. He was all sorts of ready to have me fuck him good and hard. I think he liked the idea of laying back and just enjoying the ride. When I came back into the room I showed him some of the toys I had in mind for him…a feather, a vibrator, and of course my fingers!

He saw what I had in mind for him before I even started. Poor fucker was in for a rough night of tickling! He started to protest and tug at the bonds. Silly he thought he was gonna get away! I straddled him and sat partly on his legs. His cock was nestled against my slit.

I used the feather up and down his sides. His skin reacted quickly…it goosebumped instantly. He shivered and giggled a little while begging me to stop and untie him. I pulled the feather down to between his legs and tickled his cock. It throbbed hard!

I was pleased that I had him ready for me.

I lifted my pussy and pushed him deep into me. He felt extra hard. I started to slowly ride him at first. I tossed the feather and leaned forward and started to tickle the fuck out of him with my fingers. He thrashed around which made for a wild ride! I rode him faster and harder. He begged like a little bitch for me to stop. He laughed between angry looks and looks of passion.

My pussy squeezed him tight. I went in for the kill and started tickling his sweet spot…under the chin! I even made the silly choochie choochie coo noise while I did it. With that his dick pulsed cum deep inside of me. Hearing his pleas for me to stop turned me on! I took my own orgasm before I crawled off him.

Once I untied him he had his own sweet revenge on me….

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