Tickle Torture: The “Secret” Fetish!

So many guys are turned on by tickle torture! Some hide it. But why? It’s a harmless enough kink, right? Whether forced or consensual, it’s a very low-level form of bondage/submission!  Some guys like the domination or power over their helpless victim.  Some guys just enjoy listening to us squeal and wrestling us down as we squirm and try to get away! There’s no shame in your cock getting hard at the sound of your girl enjoying herself, no matter what it is you’re doing to her… even tickling her sensitive body – including her feet!

I love tickle torture: I also HATE it!

It’s that oppositional feeling about it that leaves me torn between wanting it to stop, and wanting more! I’m highly sensitive and ticklish! So once overloaded, I become both hysterical AND pouty. YOU tickle, and I laugh – at first! Then scowl and tell you that you’re mean and to STOP IT! I love it AND hate it when you play with my nipples, get me all excited, and then suddenly pull a sneak tickle attack! I get SO fucking frustrated changing gears from laughing to pissed to turned on!

It’s like a roller coaster ride. You don’t want to do it, but you know you’ll have fun once you get on and ride. Sometimes the ride makes you laugh, and sometimes it makes you scream in terror. You’re relieved that it’s finally over, and 5 min later, all you can think about is how you can’t wait to do it again!

Now – are you all ready to hold me down as I kick and scream and beg you NOT to tickle me? We both know the thought of my sexy body writhing beneath you just made your cock hard. Call me and let’s find out if the same thing happens when I giggle! 😉

Your Sex Story expert in the art of tickle torture,

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