My boyfriend and the Thrusting Butt Plug

My new boyfriend was very vanilla.  He was extremely hot, but behind closed doors, he was..boring. I decided I would explore the sex shop for a new toy. Thrusting Butt Plug, Perhaps one that would awaken the wild in him.  I was so tired of the 50 Shades of Gray of boring, I figured I would rather go straight for Story of O, a 1954 novel about love, dominance, and submission by author Anne Desclos, or BBC Creampie In My Hotwife.  I was anxious to switch things up in the bedroom and finally have some fun.

Shopping at adult bookstores for Thrusting Butt Plug

Filthy, stuffy, and in-your-face was this one adult store. I was walking around the store looking for a Thrusting Butt Plug When I noticed in the back of the store a big room that was divided by a step and a curtain. I curious as ever walked over and pushed the curtains aside. There were men using what appeared to be slots in the wall. Their cocks were inserted into the slot, while someone on the other side stimulated it for them. I quickly ran out not wanting to disrupt anyone’s happy moment.

In search of Thrusting Butt Plug

I continued on my search. I apparently was visiting the wrong Adult stores.  a customer from the last book store I had visited, directed me to “Ashley’s big Puss Adult bookstore. She said I was sure to find a Thrusting Butt Plug there.  Finally, I found it, My boyfriend’s new toy! It was  5.25″ in total length, 4.5″ in insertable length, and it has a diameter of 1.95″ at the thickest point. The Thump had a remote control through the button on the base that controlled the plug as well.

Candles, Dinner, and Fun

I had dinner planned for my boyfriend when he arrived home.  Lights were off and candles were lit everywhere. I surprised him at the door wearing a beautiful La Perla black satin slip.  After dinner, I escorted him upstairs to our room.  I brought him to our bed and helped him slowly remove his clothing, in between sensual kisses and grinding on one another.  I could feel his erection through his boxer shorts. He was panting from excitement. It was then that I removed the Thrusting Butt Plug from underneath my pillow.

First I opened up his ass checks. I then applied a lube shooter.  a plastic lubricant applicator in the shape of a syringe. Making sure to use plenty. The amount of lube I used was to avoid friction and tearing, distributing the lube into the rectum and along the walls of the anal canal, which was going to make penetration a lot easier. I then Inserted the Thrusting Butt Plug and kept it in its lowest setting. Thus ensuring the deepest and intense sensation. The remote control lay on the bed as I took his cock in my mouth, slowly licking up and down his shaft, playing with his balls, and hearing him moan my name …. find out the ending and call me for more hot phone sex.


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