I couldn’t wait to have Leo’s Throbbing Hard Man Meat in my mouth.  Make sure to Read  Sexy XXX Devil Lands On Your Throbbing Hard Cock Part 1 – so you can catch up on the details.  Soon I dropped to my knees unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock.  I wasn’t disappointed by his 9-inch cock.   Taking it in my hand and rubbed it against my lips.  Licking around the head looking up at him with my big brown eyes.  Almost as if I was begging for mercy. His cock was huge. Slipping it between my wet lips – taking every inch as deep as I could take it. Gagging on it – I wanted it all – face fucked and made to feel like a cum dumpster.  I wanted to lose control.

As a result, I was hungry and starving for cum. He fucked my face,  till he jerked his load in my mouth, all over my face, and in my hair.   At the same time,  Tony couldn’t wait to get my lace panties off and bury his face deep between my creamy thighs. Kissing down the left and up the right side – making his way to my dripping wet fuck tunnel. I couldn’t think – I didn’t want to think. I took another shot and another bump.

Furthermore, all I wanted was to be fucked.  Face fucked – pussy fucked – ass fucked.  Every hole filled to the max with throbbing hard man meat and cum. I gave into my inhibitions, as they took over my body fucking me like a Gumby doll.  One behind me fucking my ass – while the other was in front, fucking my pussy. This seemed to go on for hours- in, out, and in every position possible.   My devil horns fell off that night.

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Before we even realized it- the overhead lights were flashing.   It was closing time.   No long goodbyes.  The perfect end to a perfect fuck fest.   I straightened myself up a little, but I couldn’t find my panties.  Tony took them as a souvenir, I could tell by the smile on his face.  He would never forget the girl he bent over the bar and fucked.   It felt good to let loose and be a naughty fuck slut for the night.

Take it from me – It’s not easy being perfect!!  So for now,  I will just pick up my wings and straighten my halo.   For the night was still young and the late-night parties were about to begin.

Soon I arrived home to a house of friends.  I was ready to bounce back into my reign of terror.   A few cuckold fuck toys were awaiting my arrival.  They knew I was used by throbbing hard man meat.  Not knowing what to expect when I walk through the door.   Perfect pleasure greeting.  Always ready to clean my yummy cream pie holes.  The beginning and end of a wild night of sex. Additionally regaining my control was a pleasure.

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