Throbbing From This Ass Worship!

I get so wet thinking about you there, on your knees, collar tight. My beautiful tight ass, inches… no closer than inches… from your face, and you are unable to touch or taste what you desire so intensely.  The soft skin, the glorious curves. All so close, but so so far out of your reach. You beg for me to put you against the wall (you love that so much, I know), but today is my day, and on my day you ass worships my amazing ass.
I move slowly now, my hips swaying seductively as I slide my panties down over my tanned thighs and calves. My heels are perfect, lifting my ass ever so slightly and just to the right height for you to savor. Begging suits you.
Your eyes are fixed on my ass as I move slowly still. I see your cock rising, giggling to myself as you struggle to hide the fact. You know how wet I get, playing with you like this, don’t you? You have such a perfect view of my glistening pussy from down there, and my scent is rich in the air. Makes it that much harder to resist, doesn’t it?

I know this ass worship has you practically oozing!

Bending over now, I back myself into your face, but only briefly. You felt my tight ass on your lips, inhaled the scent of my skin deeply, and felt my warmth caress your cheeks. You tried to bury your face between my cheeks, but then I was gone. Dancing to the music in the room. Teasing you again.
“Worship me,” I order you, backing into your face again, this time with a clear sense of control. “Bury your face in my ass, and lick me, kiss me, worship me!” I feel your lips and tongue exploring, and, I admit, my pussy tingles, and my clit swells. I do my little stripper jiggle, spreading my legs for you. I have untied your hands, so put them on my cheeks damn it. Caress me, fondle me.

Hear that moan rising as your tongue dances across my tight asshole.

Your strong hands rough my ass cheeks as I grind into your face. That is my moan, demanding more from your tongue and fingers. Be rougher now, harder with those fingers and deeper with that tongue.
I grind harder now, my clit throbbing as you feel my ass. I reach down, my finger teasing my swollen bud as you push your face deeper. “Taste me” I demand, almost gasping now. “Worship me.” Your hands are rougher now, and I fucking love it. My knees begin to shake, my juices flowing. My manicured nails massage my clit as you work harder now, your face buried deeply between my cheeks. I grind harder. I can sense your hardness in the air, and it starts to drive me wild. So I grind harder.
I cum hard as your fingers grab my ass cheeks, leaving imprints in my soft, tanned skin. My fingers are soaked with my own juices, as I shudder deeply, gasping for air. My head spins, feeling only your fingers, your tongue, your face in my cheeks.
“Worship me,” I scream, one last time.

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