The Air of Submission, A kinky tale to tell!

Sitting quietly in the car his command came thru loud and clear. “Strip,” he said. Quietly I obeyed as I always did when Sir ordered me to do something. Submission was my job so to say.

I struggled with my dress. Trying to take it off in a car is rather tricky and I was eager to get it done. He ordered me earlier not to wear panties and I did as he said so getting undressed was just a matter of removing my jacket and taking off my dress.

“Shall I remove my boots as well” I inquired. “No! Leave them on!” Sir said and I listened.

Driving along the deserted road he slowly came to a stop. “Out,” he said. “But Sir” I replied. “Out,” He ordered again and I reached for the door handle. Opening the door the crisp air of the evening rushed past my naked body. The cold air made my nipples nice and hard. Moving my legs to stand outside the car I quickly closed the door. Standing in the cold evening I wrapped my arms around myself. As I stood there naked and vulnerable on the side of the road I watched as he pulled away. Confused I  stood there as Sir came to a stop about 100 feet away.

I realized that he wanted to watch me as I walked to the car. I stood straight, my arms at my side and started walking to the car. Watching every step I made in the snow covered road I strolled slowly and seductively to the car.

I could see him watching me in the rearview mirror and I tried to make my walk as sexy as possible despite the slippery road.

As I walked to the car my mind wandered to a conversation Sir and I had. Sir told me that one day he would fuck me on the hood of the car I wondered if today was that day.

When I was within 10 feet of the car he slowly pulled away again leaving me in the cold. I continued walking to the car. I knew that as long as I followed Sir’s orders there would be a reward for me in the end. Couldn’t wait to receive my reward.

Finally reaching the car one more time he put the car in park and opened his door. Getting out of the car I watched as Sir closed his door. Walking towards me I stopped in my tracks. Taking me by the hand he walked me to the front of the vehicle. Naked, I stood next to the front of the car.

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