A Threesum Birthday Surprise

I was out the other night, drinking with some friends. Let’s face it, I’m a slutty lush. I mean the truth will stand when The world is on fire. I pride myself on being pretty easy, but you throw a couple of shots on top… and my panties just basically pull themselves down. Anywho this is a story about a threesum not my panties.

We are out, me and a few of my closest friends, at a bar, the music is LOUD and the drinks are cold, and Im feeling soooo good. I start dancing along with the music. My friend Tiffany is there with her husband David, and she comes up beside me and we start dancing together. Tiffany is cute, but her husband is HOT, and I see him watching us while we are dancing together. So I pull Tiffany in close to me, and shes giggling, and we are playing around. I sneak another look at her hubby, and he raises his beer to me. I turn her around so her butt is against my pussy, and I start running my hands all over her hips. He takes notice, and he can’t keep his eyes off of us.

I move to Tiff’s front, and I move her hair away from her face, and I kiss her deeply, forgetting where I am. Forgetting that the crowd is around us. Only remembering who’s watching. I look at her, and them to him. I see he looks pretty excited, I can tell by the huge bulge in the front of his pants. I feel my pussy getting wet just dreaming of how big his cock is.

Tiff then whispers in my ear ” Anna, do you want to come home with me and David?” and I just look at her,  she quickly says ” You can say no if you want to, It’s just that David’s birthday is in 3 days, and I wanted to surprise him, and by the way you were dancing with me, I figured we could give him a show”

I Smiled, thinking quickly, I said.. ” I’d love to play with you and David, threesums are always fun”

Her smile, faded for a second. ” I’ve never had a threesum”

I knew that wasn’t exactly what Tiff had asked for, she wanted to give him a show… but I wanted to FEEL his cock. After all it is HIS birthday, right?

” We will make this a birthday he won’t ever forget!” I said. Her smile returned ” Hell yeah!” She said.

I know it’s wrong to want to fuck your friends husband, but, the wrong things always feel so right.

We were leaving the bar, and Tiff told David that I needed a ride home. David said he would need directions back to my place. So I hopped in the car with them, and Tiff gave directions. Halfway there David spoke up ” Umm, Tiffany are you sure this is the way to Annas house, I didnt think she lived so close to us?” Tiff laughed, and so did I. She began rubbing his thigh and said ” Just go home to our house”. ” What about Anna?” David asked. ” Shes going to come home with us too”.  David shot me a puzzling look through the rear view mirror. I Shot back a wink.

Arriving at their home, We got out of the car and went inside. Tiffany and I sat on the couch while David made us all a drink. While he was in the kitchen, Tiffany told me she was nervous because she had never done anything like this before. ” Nothing to be nervous about, just feel your way through it” I said, as I placed her hand on my firm tit. She grabbed it, leaning in to kiss me. I kissed her back, sucking her lip into mine. David returned to the family room. “Oh, Ummm, Ahemmm…. And what are you two beautiful ladies doing?” I never stopped kissing Tiffany, I moved down on to her neck. I felt the humm in her throat while she was explaining. ” We are making your birthday present” she said, nervously excited. I came up and looked at David, ” More like, We ARE your birthday present”  She and I both giggled. ” My birthday threesum present huh?” He began kissing Tiff. I started unlacing her top, and kissing on her tits, licking her perfect nipples. She moaned into his mouth. I felt his hands on my back, running down onto my ass. He grabbed my ass and squeezed.

Tiffany pulled back, and kissed me sweetly. Looking at her husband she said ” Don’t you want to kiss Anna?” he looked at me, then back at her  “Are you sure it’s ok?”  She smiled, and shook her head yes. David Leaned in and Kissed me, HARD. I heard the sound of his zipper, then Tiffany asked me to suck her husband’s cock. She was so turned on. She began stripping me. Touching all my sweet spots along the way. My nipples, my ribs, and my delicate pussy.

David sat back on the couch watching his wife, tease me. She kissed me and then asked me again to suck her husbands cock. That statement alone almost made me cum. She pulled him out of his boxers, and I was astounded. His cock was big, and thick, with a nice girthy head that was already dripping pre-cum. I licked it. Up and down each side, teasing him. Blowing my breath all over him. I hear Tiffany cooing at him. ” Does that Feel good baby? You like Annas hot mouth on your cock Don’t you?” I purse my lips kissing the tip, and then open wide, and take his dick all the way into my mouth, stretching my throat around him. He moans, and I swallow around his cock.  I take my mouth off of him, and I wag my finger for Tiffany to come over. I tell her ” Get on top of his cock”. She straddles Him, and I grab his cock and guide him into her sloppy wet pussy. ” Fuck the tip, Tiff” She slides down, and starts popping off on the tip of his dick. I move back down in between his legs, and start licking his shaft, her pussy juice just drips down his hard cock. I run my tongue up and into her asshole, then back down slurping up all of her juices off of him.

I grab her hips and pull her down all the way on his cock, making her take his every inch. He moans with pure pleasure. I tell her to fuck him good. She starts bouncing wildly on her mates dick, and lean down and lick the under side of his balls, and I feel them tighten.

” Im gonna CUM… Im Gonna Fucking Cummmm… Ohhh Fuccckkk”

He explodes.

They Have Invited me over again, I’m sure It’s to finish what we started, and I can’t fucking wait for another threesum.


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