Three way sex is so fucking awesome when you and others are hot and horny.

Three way sex is making my twat tingle! Me and my bff share a really smoking hot guy friend and we are going to have a sleepover tonight. We have some party favors and I suspect we will be going all night and day long! As soon as they are here we get to blasting music, dancing in our bikinis, and drinking and partying. The booze is already rushing into my blood and I am so stoked that I get to play with my BFF. She is so hot! She is a blond with a banging body. We are tipsy and I lean over to kiss her. Immediately my hands go across her tits and squeeze them as my tongue goes in her mouth. We take a look at our guy friend and he is enjoying the view from where he is sitting. Hand on hard cock. Ready to play!

We both look at him, “What is it? Do you like what you see, why don’t you bring us your big fat cock?”

We giggle as he stands up and walks over to us. Our kissing keeps going strong and heavy as he approaches us. We do not stop until she is bare ass naked and so am I. Our bikinis fall to the ground and our pussies are pressed up against one another. His cock is touching us, trying to separate us. Oh right, this is three way sex! I guess we should stop being such teases and for sure include him into the mix. We grab him by his cock and let him rub it on us, tugging on his member together. He wants us as badly as we want him. Our mouths start to include his as he kisses us back, putting his tongue against ours. The three of us taste so good together. His shorts are the next things to come off so that our naked bodies are exposed.

She and I keep making out as our legs give out, putting us right at eye level with his other head.

Our mouths start to devour his goodness. His pre cum is leaking out of that hole. Our three way sex is getting hotter with each kiss and each grope. Her mouth opens and slides all the way down to his balls. She sucks him deep and comes up, my turn. I repeat the same motion, sucking him even harder. We go back and forth. My fingers slide in between her legs and part her pussy lips. She is wetter than his pre cum leaking out of his cock. I rub her and fuck her twat as we suck his hard-on. He picks both of us and moves us to a better position where he can contribute to our hot little fuck session happening. His fingers go to both of our hot spots. Fucking two pussies at one time with those fingers while we suck the shit out of him.

Quicker than normal, we end up not being able to go a second longer without fighting to have his cock inside another one of our holes.

I am the first to push him down and hop onto his rock-hard shaft. My pussy stretches open as I take him inside of me. I ride him fast and hard, cumming all down his cock and balls. She is down there licking his ass crack and balls, cleaning up my mess. This would not be a three way sex session if I didn’t share the seat. I slide off, letting her get on board. She rides him even faster making him struggle not to cum. His load is almost about to bust out of his dick as she cums on his cock. She hops off and we both get to sucking and tugging on his dick, all over again. That nut starts to shoot out all over our faces and tongues. He tastes so fucking good! I think we need a round two.

Fuck maybe a third, fourth, and even fifth one!

This three-way sex was so fucking hot! I am so excited to hopefully get it inside my firm tight ass next!

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