Three Way Sex Party

I love Three Way Sex and my neighbor’s annual summer pool party is always a good place to find tight young bodies. So many college students and MILF’s in one place get me so sticky and wet down there. I wore a really sexy one-piece bathing suit.  Every time I jumped in the pool the cool water made my nipples hard and they poked through my skimpy bathing suit like headlights. All those young guys were staring at me and I could see their cocks bulging in their pants. I noticed one guy who couldn’t keep his eyes off of me.

That turned me on. I gave him a real show. I also noticed his pretty little blonde girlfriend getting jealous. That turned me on even more. I started fantasizing about having Three Way Sex with them. I knew it was time to introduce myself. So I walked over to them and said, “Hi my name is Genie. You two are a really cute couple. Have you ever thought about modeling?” He was staring right at my tits while she blushed and said, “I’ve always wanted to model.”

I told them that I was a fashion designer and that I had some outfits they could try on and set up a photo shoot with my photographer. “I just live a couple of doors down. Follow me.” When we got to my house I made them a couple of whiskey sours, had them try on some sexy clothes and pose for me. “Sit on his lap, honey, and why don’t you give your girlfriend a sexy kiss?” He said, “Like this?” as he kissed her. I ran my hands through her hair and said, “No, like this”, while I slid my tongue down his girlfriend’s throat.

His cock was hard as a rock. I pull off her top.

Laid her down, spread open her legs and licked and sucked her pussy and asshole while she sucked his cock. Then he said, “I want to fuck you Miss Genie.” I laid down and he crawled on top and slid his cock deep inside me. I told his girlfriend, “Come here, sweetie, I’ve got something special for you.” She sat on my face and ate her out while her boyfriend banged my pussy.

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