Three Inch Wonder – Small Cock Disappointment Leaves Me Pissed Off

I am dating the cutest guy. He is tall, smart, and handsome. Of course, he is strange by today’s standards because he has been “waiting” to fool around until we know each other better. In reality, he is hiding his three inch wonder cock.

Sadly, there are tons of these “misleaders” in the world. Consequently, these men are hiding their tiny peckers from the women in their lives. On the outside, they are the greatest guys. Dreamboats we are all looking for.

Well, except for that itty bitty teensy weeny dick. So, we are having so much fun on our dates. He is taking me to all my favorite places. However, I am horny and ready for more!

Tonight I am pushing him into sex and learning the truth about his three inch wonder.

Instead of going out for dinner, I am cooking an amazing meal for him. All his favorite dishes. I have a romantic movie with lots of sex scenes to watch and my sheets are freshly clean and ready for sex.

I am going to start seducing him on the couch as we are watching the movie. Once I have the dick in my hands, we are moving to my bed. Things are moving along nicely as we are sitting on the couch.

We are making out and I am sliding into his pants without taking no this time. He is already hard but, oh fuck! I have found his three inch wonder cock and I am pissy as hell. My bratty girl is coming out to play now!

He is looking at me with fear in his eyes.

Fear is only one of the things he should be feeling right now. I start yelling at him and asking what the fuck is in his pants?! He is saying his cock and I am telling him that is not a dick.

Then, he says, “You are one of those girls.” Excuse me, what does that mean? “A size queen,” he says. Listen you little piss ant, I do enjoy a huge cock but in general a cock that can at least please me is good.

That thing is a three inch wonder clit, not a dick. He is looking all butt-hurt and I am ready to tear him up. “How long have you been playing this game with women,” I ask him. He is staring at me with confusion.

I say, “Misleading the women you are dating with that thing.”

He is then going into a sob story about being born with an inadequate cock and if he didn’t do the “waiting” game, girls would leave him. I am ready to throttle this asshole and tell him it isn’t okay to waste our time like this.

Then, I tell him he has to go. There is no reason for us to be in the same room. That tiny dick is of no use to me. He is all sad-faced as he is leaving. Sorry, bitch, that was not cool and you are gone!

I can’t stand men that do that! Surely you are not a misleader? I will tear you up with intense SPH! Bring me those three inch wonder cocks!

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