Do you have a foot fetish?  Well, everyone knows that my feet are beautiful and well maintained. The other day I met a nice little play pet that was craving his daily fill of foot worship. He begged me to let him lick between my delectable toes, but before I would let him anywhere near my pretty feet he was first going to have to prove himself worthy. This was more than a foot fetish to this man, it was his every desire and way of life. So I got dressed in a sexy peep toe pump and headed over to his place. He could not keep his eyes off of my pedicured toes peeking through.

He begged me for just a taste. I let him kneel down to the ground and kiss all over my heels never letting him touch his lips to my skin. It was a kind of tease & denial torture, and I got a lot of satisfaction from listening to him beg me. Still I left him whimpering on the ground after having him tell me I could take him credit card as long as he could just have one taste. I could have his card alright, me and the plastic spent the entire afternoon splurging on all kinds of new things.

He was still in the place I left him when I came back. He begged again, crawling around the house on his hands and knees. I sat onto his couch and began to slide my tired feet from my heels. He knelt down at them and began to rub and massage them. Every time he would bring his mouth closer to my feet I would kick him off of me and listen to him beg to continue rubbing them. Finally, as he started to massage my feet and tell me how superior I was to him, I decided I would let him indulge himself.

Gently he kissed along my tender instep. He moved his mouth up towards my toes and I leaned back further relaxing. In no time at all he began to suck on my pretty tootsies, darting his tongue in and out of them. I could see the bulge in his pants grow but denied him the satisfaction of touching my feet to it. Instead I only allowed him to continue to pleasure me with sucking on my toes. He was so wrapped up in the pleasure of my beautiful feet that he exploded in his pants, soaking the front of himself. I would leave him there just as he was for now, dreaming of wishing for the day I would allow him to go further.

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