Think I’m sweet? HA! Come get some humiliation, Jenna style

This is for all you PATHETIC humiliation junkies that hump my legs in IM on a daily basis, just PRAYING that I will give you a kick to the groin! 🙂

You’re sad. But, I don’t have to tell YOU that… do I? You like hearing it, though –  it makes that poor excuse for a cock of yours jump eagerly inside your man panties when I start reminding you about how worthless you are. Awwww, I know sweetheart. And I’m not the ONLY one that can tell! That HOT young co-worker that you can’t keep your eyes off of? She KNOWS you watch her like a dirty Lil pervert. She sees the way your tiny cock tents in your pants when she catches you and gives you that icy, humiliating glare that says “Yeah, RIGHT! Not in THIS lifetime, loser!”

She wouldn’t fuck your pathetic ass, and neither would I! You SHOULD feel humiliation about how sad you are! When you walk into a room, both the intelligence AND the sensuality factor decreases substantially!

You stalk me on IM, hoping that if you annoy me enough, I will lose my temper and tell you what a piece of shit you are.

But, that never happens, does it? Because I’m MUCH smarter than you! You can’t trick me into giving you what you need so desperately for nothing in return. I laugh at you all the time for trying though, so thank you for the chucks! My attention comes with a price – especially for wastes of oxygen like yourself. 😉  Sometimes? I feel a little bit dumber just from having a conversation with you!

Now, now. Don’t all my NON humiliation junkies cry! I’m still your same sweet, good-natured babydoll Jenna! But really, when someone hands me their ass, you can’t expect me NOT to kick it, and enjoy doing it! It doesn’t turn me on, don’t get me wrong. These pathetic little humiliation sucks couldn’t POSSIBLY actually make my pussy wet! That’s YOUR job. But, they DO provide me with hours of endless entertainment. Sometimes I feel like I should sue them for personal injury caused by laughing SO fucking hard at them!

If what you need is a stiletto heel pinning your freshly shaved nut sack to the chair you’re sitting in while I make you feel 3 inches high? Call me up and ask for my humiliation. But! …be careful what you ask for because you will get it!

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