I have been so horny all morning, because I can’t stop thinking about what happened last night.  I’m bursting! I just have to tell someone! Last night was a major first for me.  Last night, little old submissive me found her dominant take-control side. I think I raped a guy.

Let me explain what happened.

I decided to have some friends over for some mid-week drinks and snacks.  I was feeling feisty and brazen, so I decided to invite a guy I’d only met a couple of times through other friends, but thought was incredibly hot.   It was the usual raucous good fun.  Around midnight everyone started to filter out and head home except one.  The gorgeous guy I barely knew was completely out cold on my couch.  I tried to wake him gently, but no dice, he was gone.   I stayed up and read a book for a bit to see if he would stir, but an hour later, still nothing.  He obviously wasn’t making it back home tonight.

The way he was awkwardly sprawled on my little Ikea sofa looked anything but comfy, and I thought he would have a much better night’s sleep in my bed. With much concentrated effort I pushed and pulled him onto his feel and we staggered together to my bedroom, where he immediately flopped onto my bed and went back to his comatose state. I thought that surely he wouldn’t want to sleep all night in his clothes.  So with a little elbow grease, I stripped him down to his boxers. Oh boy! what a beautiful body.  I just had to see the whole thing, so off went the boxers as well. He lay their snoring slightly as I ran my fingertips over his perfect chest and stomach.  My fingers made their way even lower… I suddenly wondered if I could get him hard.

Purely for curiosity’s sake I start to stoke his cock nice and long and slow.  As I felt him respond to my touch, I licked my hand and started stoking faster.  He moaned a little, but did not wake up. Feeling that big, gorgeous cock grow in my hand made me want more.  I leaned over and started sucking that cock as I rubbed.  I sucked hard and fast relishing his salty taste, running my tongue over that bulbous, throbbing head, yet he barely stirred.   At this point, I was so worked up I just couldn’t stop.  I climbed on top of him, straddling his sleeping body and eased myself onto his rock hard cock. I completely lost control as I raped this amazing body and started grinding feverishly back and forth on top of him.  At one point he opened his eyes, but did not speak.  He just stared at me, and I returned his gaze and fucked him harder.   I came long and hard, then just rolled off of him and went to sleep.

In the morning, he woke up understandably bewildered (and still hard!).  He asked me what had happened, but all I told him was “don’t worry, your cock enjoyed it”.

I have no idea what he thinks of me, but I’m not sure I care. I suppose I feel a little dirty, but mostly I feel powerful and exhilarated after I basically raped this man.  I usually want someone to take control of me, but now I understand the rush of, quite literally, taking matters into my own hands.

Call me and experience my newly empowered dominant side!