Pantyhose make me feel so sexy; the way my legs slide against each other when I’m wearing them really turns me on. I can’t stop touching myself and I get in the mood to show off my body.

There are lots of guys out there with a Pantyhose fetish. So I slipped on a short dress that showed off my long, lean Pantyhose covered legs and went out hunting for Mr. Lucky.

I found him at a club and made him forget all about the girl he was with when I started dancing with him. I smiled and ran my hands over my tits before turning around and pressing close against him. My ass rubbed over his crotch and I put his hands on my thighs, holding his fingers as I led them higher and under my dress.

The Pantyhose slipped under his fingertips, making me shiver as it rubbed over my skin. My nipples hardened and so did his dick as I kept moving and moaning while his hands explored me. After dancing for a bit longer I told him to follow me to the bathroom because I needed him bad and I was tired of waiting. I locked the door behind us and I leaned against the counter as I lifted up my dress, pushing it to my hips and holding it there as I reached for my panties.

 He told me to stop and he sounded nervous as he asked me if I could touch my legs for him.

I stroked them, turning us both on as I sighed and told him how good the silky soft nylon felt. I closed my eyes as it slipped and teased me so I was caught off guard when he grabbed me. Then I let out a cry as he turned me around. I stood there as fear and excitement went through me. I had no idea what he was going to do but I heard his zipper go down then he kicked my legs apart.

 So I watched him in the mirror but it was hard to see what he was doing until I saw his dick slide between my thighs. I brought my legs closer, holding him just right and he breathed on my neck as he felt it. He was so close to my pussy and it drove me crazy when I realized I wasn’t about to get dick. Instead, he held me and began thigh fucking me which made me even hornier.

His dick felt hot and heavy as it rubbed between me. The way my pantyhose touched me with every thrust made my pussy ache.

I curled my hands into fists and let him use me while my juices slowly leaked out of my lips. My clit was on fire and I rubbed a hand over my pussy to ease it as he pulled me back on him. He went faster, doing little grunts as he got closer to cumming. His dick slid in and out non-stop until he finally shot his load on me.

I looked down and watched as his cum dripped down me and he put himself away. I was so wet and thought about turning around and letting him watch me finger myself or maybe get him to eat me out but the sound of all those people out on the dance floor distracted me. He had been fun but I could get another hot guy to play within just a few minutes and why should I settle for one when two is better? I grabbed some paper towel and wiped his cum off me as best I could. Hoped his stains wouldn’t be too noticeable in the dark as I went out to find my next guy.

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