Thigh Fuck My Pantyhose Covered Legs

I know a little secret about Bobby, he has a pantyhose fetish. Not a big surprise, lots of guys love seeing a woman wearing silky pantyhose, the surprise is that Bobby doesn’t know that I know he likes it. I was in the mood to have a guy worship my legs so I put on a pair of sheer pantyhose, a short dress that barely covered my ass, no panties because I was planning on fucking and told him that we were going out.

  When he picked me up his eyes went straight to my legs and I put my hand on the top of my thigh, sliding my dress up a bit. I rubbed it, sliding the pantyhose over me and said “Do you like my new pantyhose? I bought them just for you. Feel how soft they are.” I grabbed his hand as he stood there blushing and put it on my thigh. I moved his hand back and forth and he opened his fingers, stroking me. The hose slipped over me and he stroked me faster.
I moaned for him then gently took his hand off me. “You can play with them later,” I told him and we went out clubbing. I rubbed against him all night long, working him up until he was hard and no longer able to hide it. I then took him back to my place, letting him touch my pantyhose covered legs every time we were at a red light.

     When we got to my room I stripped off, leaving on nothing except for my pantyhose.

“Do what you want,” I told Bobby and he didn’t hesitate. He came right for me and started touching me, rubbing his hands all over my thighs while his mouth kissed hungrily at my neck. One of his hands went between my legs and he rubbed my pussy through the pantyhose. I squeezed my legs together, trapping his hand there and moved them back and forth. His fingers pressed into me and the pantyhose roughly teased my lips. My legs made the pantyhose rub over his arm and after a minute he gave me a questioning look.
He wanted something but wasn’t sure about it so I made the decision for him. “Go for it,” I whispered in his ear and relaxed my legs, waiting for him to make the next move. He turned me around and bent me over. I put my hands on the bed, bracing myself as I leaned over it and spread my legs. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. My juices were dripping through the pantyhose. I was a bit shocked when his dick pushed between the tops of my thighs and he put his hands on me, squeezing my legs around it.

His head poked out of them and he groaned as he began to move back and forth.

His dick gently tugged on the pantyhose as he slipped between my thighs. I could hear him panting behind me. His fingers ripped into the sides of my pantyhose and his warm fingers slid over my skin as he fucked my thighs. He grunted as strings of cum shot onto my pantyhose, landing in blobs and dripping down them as he kept moving.
     He was still hard and I knew he wanted more when he pulled away from me so I climbed on the bed. Ripped my hose open at my pussy and told him to keep on using me.

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