I fucking love big titty strippers.  They make me smile and cum at the same time.  Such great of a talent.  Watching this thick mom getting fucked was just the cherry on the top of my Sunday night, no pun intended…haha.   Ginger is that that tattooed cunt in the picture.  She loves to get stretched, suck and enjoys a good face fucking.  During the course of the evening, Ginger confided in me that she needed a deep stroke.

Ginger the MILF,  a thick mom fucked hard like in one of your dreams.

I enjoyed both.  Her facial expressions said it all, a horny hungry cunt.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head when she felt the touch of a pair of fingertips gliding down her curves.  Circling her perfect size tit.  The size was enough to fill the palm of your hand.  A good mouthful.  She took her thumb and index finger, pulled and squeezed her rock-hard dark nipples.  I know they were painful because I have experienced the same painful eager excitement and being in pain was a pleasure zone I love to visit from time to time.

She tilts her head back and slowly opens up her legs and in full view is her delicious wet pussy.

An under-tone moan meant her giving up control.  You know the one beautiful sound that I let out when you call me to have the best phone sex.  You love to listen to me moan and call out your name, well that is what Ginger was going to be doing in a minute was call out my name over and over again, “Nina.”  Her Sweet gesture to come over hypnotized me and I made my way towards her amazing scent.  Captivated by her willingness made me desire her wet cunt in my mouth.

I must have her.  Did I mention that I love strippers? (evil grin.)

As we met face to face inches from the face, I placed my hand on the back of her head and slowly guided her to my lips.  I bite her bottom full lip, which seems to bounce back as my teeth slide off.  I shoved my tongue in her mouth forcing her to open hers.  A sweet taste, she is mine. My right hand slithered down to her already sweet cunt.  It was hot and I could feel her heartbeat on my fingertips.  This thick mom needed the get fucked.

My lips were at her neck, tasting her sweat as she held on to my arms tight with such surrender.

“Nina.” she sang out.  She moaned and demanded. “Nina,” she whispered.  I owned her.  There was no going back now and she knew it.  Ginger fought all she could like many men tend to do.  The urge is powerful and when you call me, all you want is the same thing Ginger and I want, a quivering mind-blowing orgasm.  My voice commands your attention. My breathing is distracting and you want to remember the patterns of my orgasm.  Call Nina and remember how I make you moan and say my name, like Ginger.  Concede to Nina.

Mature Phone Sex