Who Doesn’t Love A Good Paypig? Paypiggies Always Welcome!

I love a good paypig and mine as good as they come! As it were, I love pay-day and luckily for me it happens more often than it does for most everyone else. I have quite a few good little boys who were worthy enough to be my personal paypigs. They’re so good to me and I’m always on the lookout for other men to join their rank.

I get my tributes in a few different ways and in different dollar amounts; it depends on the paypig. The one thing they all have in common is that they give their hard-earned money to me so I can live the life I deserve. It’s fun getting tributes in person because sometimes I’ll make them give it to me in a certain way. Then again, I love the anonymity with my phone sex paypigs.

Anyway, with Martin, a businessman
paypig who craves the attention he gets from me, I have him give it to me in $50 bills because he’s 50. It’s a nice way to drive home the fact that he’s old as hell and desperate for young pussy. He gets down on his hands and knees, with the bills in his mouth and crawls to me where I’m sitting on the couch.

He kneels at my feet and I take the money from him while he looks at the floor.

I count it out and tell him what I’m buying with each one. This is for a new pair of shoes, this is for a manicure, this is for lingerie that he will never see and so on. Sometimes I’ll meet paypig John at a mall and hit up all of my favorite stores. He’ll follow me around like a puppy and wait while I try on cute clothes. If I’m in a good mood I’ll come out of the dressing room and show him what I’ve got on. Other times he has to use his imagination and that’s it.

When I find something I want I hand it to him and he hands his credit card over to the cashier. I think half my wardrobe has come from him. He’s never told me “No.” on one of our shopping trips, but I know his heart is racing as he adds up the dollars in his head. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I walk through the mall with a man walking behind me and carrying an armful of bags.

Getting my tributes online is just as much fun too because it’s always a nice surprise to log in to my account.

I love to see that one of my paypiggies has just handed over his paycheck. In fact, that’s just what Tommy did last night. I woke up to find it sitting there waiting for me. He even attached a nice little note with it saying, “Dear Mistress Veronica, thank you for letting me serve you.” He also attached a list of his expenses so I could see just how little he was spending on himself. It also let me see how much he was giving to me.

I’ve put him on a strict budget and he’s been keeping to it. I think I might trim it just a bit more though. I’m getting all excited just thinking about how good and obedient my little paypigs are. I look at the money and get such a rush from it; getting money just for being me is amazing. It’s great that some men know their place and that their only goal in life is making me happy. Are you a good paypig and looking for a good fandom to spend money on? Look no further paypig!