Dear Diary: My First BBC Fantasy Played Out In Real Life

I’ve been wanting to fulfill my BBC fantasy for a while now and I finally got my chance. A while ago I had a really hot fantasy about being on a farm owned by my Daddy and fucking a tall, strong black man who worked in the fields. It’s a fantasy that I keep coming back to and I was thinking of going online and finding someone who could make it a reality, but then found a perfect solution.

Derek and his wife Sasha live next door and guess who happens to be black? That’s right, them. In the past, Derek’s flirted with me, but I never paid it much attention, because we’re both married. Things are different now and when his wife was out-of-town I sent my husband to the mechanics so my car could get an oil change. Then, I put on a sexy little dress and went over to pay Derek a visit.

When I got there, I caught him in the middle of the workout. He answered the door all sweaty and wearing nothing but a pair of track pants. “I thought we could spend the afternoon together,” I said, pushing past him and he shut the door behind me. He offered me a drink and I told him to take me to the bedroom, I was in the mood for some sweet chocolate. That’s I stopped in the middle of the room and took off my dress, showing him I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

He licked his lips and I hooked my fingers into his pants, tugging them down as I went to my knees.

His big black cock hung there and was already semi­-hard as I wrapped my hand around it. He was so thick and he got even bigger as I stroked him. I could feel him throbbing in my fist and I went faster until a drop of pre­cum leaked out of him.  Then, I slid my hand down to his base and held him as I licked it up. I put my lips around his head and rubbed my tongue over it, making him moan before sliding down.

My lips stretched around him as I relaxed my throat, swallowing as much of him as I could. He felt heavy in my mouth and I could barely breathe as I started sucking on him, my lips keeping tightly around him. I cupped his balls in my hand and fondled them as he held the back of my head and groaned, pushing forward. My pussy was so wet and I was dying to touch him as I kept going. When his balls began to inch up I slid him out of my mouth and took him to the bed, pulling him down on top of me.

He pushed my legs apart and I gasped as he started to enter me.

He felt huge as he went in deeper, making me feel full of dick. I’d never felt like this with my husband and I cried out as he began fucking me. His big black hands pinned down my milky white arms as he thrust forward, driving me into the mattress and my lower stomach ached from how hard he was being. My clit was throbbing and every time his dick brushed over it little tingles spread in me. I hooked a leg around him and moved with him until my pussy clenched around him and I came hard.

He rammed his dick into me a few more times then pressed down on me as he started filling me with cum. Derek climbed off me and I felt empty without him inside me. I could feel cum and pussy juices leaking down my crack as I caught my breath and I felt so excited. It had been just as good as I thought it would be. I hated getting out of his bed but my husband was going to be home soon and I needed to get cleaned up. Do you like BBC fantasy? Are you a BBC who likes pretty pink pussy? Either way, I am the adulteress harlot for you darling!

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