Therapy Sex Session is going down right now while I talk to my best friend’s husband.

Therapy Sex Session is so sometimes needed when your significant other just does not do it for you. He and I are close and often vent to one another whenever we can. He will text me and check up on me and we joke around often. Today I was at the dealership and need a ride home so he was my first call and luckily for me his girl, my friend is at work. We go out to lunch and drive around shooting the shit. He admits that he is so not fulfilled with his wife and that she is not good in bed. As he is talking I am watching his lips and mouth and my pussy is literally dripping down my legs in the tight shorts that I have on. I ask questions as to why he does not leave, we both can so feel the tension.

I lean into him and let my hands wander on his lap casually acting as if I just want to be close to him.

Truth be told I just want his cock in the depths of my throat. He aggressively takes my hand and puts it on his throbbing hard cock through his pants. So much for this therapy sex session being of any benefit to his wife. Finders keepers. I look up at him and ask him if he is sure. He is nodding. I undo his pants and lean over the car seats putting my ass in the air. My mouth jumps onto his spongy mushroom head, ready to deep throat the shit out of him. My tongue is focusing on that head lathering it in spit. I so want to taste that steamy sticky pre-cum. He is grabbing the back of my head and pushing it up and down trying to make me go further down his cock shaft. I am going to so make him work for it.

I have never been that easy of a girl if he wants it he is going to have to confess some things first.

My mouth is releasing his cock. I look up at him and tell him time to admit some therapy sex session confessions. “Tell me I am better than her in every way. Tell me that I am hotter than her.” He easily admits these things begging for me to take his cock. I reward him with more sucking. My tongue is licking all over him. “How badly do you want my pussy? Would you never fuck your wife again if it meant you could have my holes forever? Will you only fuck her if you close your eyes and picture me instead?” He is proclaiming his loyalty begging for more of me. I shimmy off my clothes and get on top of him. His cock head is resting up against my pussy lips. He looks down and admires at how wet and pretty my little glistening wet pussy is.

He is begging for me to slide down on it and give him the best pussy his cock has ever been inside of.

I am wrapping my arms around his neck making him look down at my hole taking his cock. Us making this into a therapy sex session may have been the cure for him and his cock. My so soaking wet pussy is splitting around his cock as he gapes me open slowly. Finally, once he is all the way in he grabs my hips and bounces me up and down his length. Naughty boy, “Do not be a two-pump chump for me.” He tells me it feels so good that he is having a hard time keeping all of it in his balls. I will purposely be awful to him, riding him faster and harder controlling the load in his dick. My pussy is starting to cum so hard on his cock with the control that I have over him. He can feel my pussy squeezing his dick so tightly.

“Now you can cum in me and give me all of your hot cum baby. Give me all the cum you will never give to her.”

These therapy sex sessions have been so amazing with him. I think we really opened up to one another. Hopefully, our relationship is so awesome and does not turn into any hardcore blackmail sex, though I so do not really oppose that!

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