The Trans Shapeshifter.

I’ve always been in search of a different type of lover. Someone full of surprises, leaving little room for boredom, especially in bed.  It was late on a Friday night at my local dive when I first noticed Reese. They were in all black. A fitted leather moto jacket framed their shoulders so perfectly I needed to see more. They turned and walked towards me as though they read my mind. My body knew what it wanted and it wanted this. “Hi, I’m Reese.” They said, with a deeper voice than I would hear later on that very evening. As I sat while dreaming into those emerald green eyes I had no idea that Reese was the trans shapeshifter I had been yearning for my entire life.

What a fucking smoke show.

I didn’t try to control myself one bit, not even in the slightest. Reese was beautiful to look at, and even prettier to touch. We complimented each other so perfectly. Couples walked by us in clear jealousy, our chemistry was palpable to boot. We grabbed a cab and made our way through my apartment door and into my bed in seconds flat. Reese’s jacket was the first thing to go. That strong muscular, yet lean chest, makes my inner thighs spasm. I was naked before I knew it. Laying back, I watched Reese’s face begin to slide between my legs. The sexy stubble on Reese’s face scratched my smooth little pussy in the most magnificent way. Suddenly, the stubble was gone and a soft face looked up at me. The trans shapeshifter of my dreams.

The trans shapeshifter I had no idea existed in this world.

I had only read about shapeshifters, but I thought they were just a myth. “Are you a???” I began to stutter when Reese said “Yes”, with a voice of an angel, I nearly melted. The same emerald eyes pierced through but were now carried by a busty blonde with the juiciest pink lips headed straight for my pussy again. I brought Reese up back to my face. “Kiss me,” I said as my fingers made their way to Reese’s new wet pussy. “Fuck, you are perfect,” Reese said to me. “As long as I’m perfect for you,”  I replied and felt the pool of wetness saturated my fingers. I closed my eyes and Reese was now the Reese at the bar…

The trans shapeshifter was now inside me.

I was in love, content for life. I had the best of both worlds in my unearthly lover. Reese continued inside me, making me orgasm over and over again. I was already so in awe. I looked up and said, “I’ve been looking for you all my life, I’ll never have a dull day again.” Reese kissed me deeply and said, “I know baby, I finally found you.”

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