Teasing men comes very naturally to me. Sometimes It just happens without me even realizing it. Remember when you were a child and you would spy on people. Your parent’s fucking or your sister in the shower. You couldn’t get enough of it – it’s the thrill of the excitement. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a turn-on for both parties. It’s that erotic feeling you are being watched. You can’t see them. It’s as if you are putting on a show. Just like CamShows with phone sex – I love watching men jerk off for me. Guiding and assisting you, in your stroking. The best of two worlds combined voyeurism and exhibition – The journey of the tease and please. Teasing someone, as they masturbate. The thought of knowing, someone is masturbating while they watch – it heightens any experience.

Just this past weekend, while I was washing my car. (imagine that – me getting down & dirty) Dressed in little short shorts – white tee-shirt ( I know not the best choice in tee shirt color) I just figure, if I’m gonna be watched – I might as well put on a good show. My Friend Alyson came over to sunbathe and help me with my car. Imagine two hot babes bending over – showing off all their assets. Are you into ass and pussy worship phone sex?  I love having a man worship every inch of my body – especially my ass.  Tease tease tease – make you drop to your knees. There’s nothing more entertaining than being watched. Especially when they think you can’t see them. Most men are creatures of habit – almost like they can’t help themselves.

Always wanting more. I love teasing men – no matter where I am. It’s the thrill and the excitement I crave. My neighbor Arty, is a very hot black man that loves watching me every possible chance. I’m a sexy tease for his BBC. I love giving him a show and teasing him with my pretty ass. I love teasing men – Wiping my hands over every inch of my ass. I’m the true BBC fantasy – especially when I tease my cuckold lovers with my choice of cock. Water streaming from the hose and cascading down my body. We looked so hot – splashing water and having a sponge fight. My now perky nipples stood totally erect. Fondling my tight ass – caressing it – just because it feels good. Knowing he was standing in the window wishing he could plow me. Thinking about Alyson and I going down on each other or me fucking her with my strap on.

I know, Arty is stroking his cock right now thinking about Alyson and I playing together. He couldn’t help watching us. We couldn’t help teasing him <wicked laugh> I know, he is stroking his cock thinking about Alyson and I playing together alone in my bedroom. Mmm, the feel of her lips  – french kissing my pussy lips with her tongue.  Slipping her tongue deep inside me – not missing an inch.  The image engulfed his mind.  He couldn’t stop watching as I tweaked Alyson’s huge tits. I knew exactly what I was doing to him. edging him along – teasing him. Bring him to the point of no return. At one point – I even leaned in and kissed Alyson.  The thought of Arty jerking his dick made my pussy started to tingle. Just like it drives me crazy, when I listen to you breathing during our call. Gotta love mutual masturbation phone sex.  Teasing you, as you listen to my sensuous stories. Holding onto my every word as I bring you to the edge. If you are into masturbation edging phone sex with a flavor of a tease on a variety of levels – you NEED to call me. Are you like my neighbor Arty? Does the sexy neighbor ( older or younger – any age play) drive you crazy and you can’t stop masturbating? It’s time to come have masturbation phone sex with me now. I want to invite you over to play with me. Invite yourself over – I might not refuse. I’d love to tell you more. Playing alone will never be the same – Once you have masturbation phone sex with me.

Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination – Call me and cum – I’m waiting for you now.


Kiss Kiss


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