The Things My Naughty Neighbor And I Did!

After a long day at work, I was finally getting around to cleaning my house, when I heard the knock at my door. I was a little surprised when I opened the front door and there stood this drop-dead gorgeous man, and then I realized this was my neighbor, who I later realized was my naughty neighbor, that just moved in! But he wasn’t just my new neighbor; he was my high school crush! We went our separate ways after graduation, but here he is, on my front porch! I didn’t know how to handle myself, I let him in. There we sat on the couch catching up and making small talk.

All I could keep my focus on was his muscular physic and how fucking sexy he was! Holy Shit was I excited to have him as my neighbor! All of the dirty things we could do were running thru my head! I wanted a Naughty Neighbor! Mm! He was smokin’ fucking hot! As we were sitting there I felt myself getting wetter and wetter with each passing moment. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to move around. I asked if he wanted a tour of the place, and he said yes.

We stood and I took him thru the kitchen to the laundry room, there I had a load of laundry already going and that’s when he leaned down to me and kissed me. I felt the passion in the kiss, before I knew what was happening he lifted me and put me on the running washer, he undid his jeans and slipped my pants down, slid my panties to the side, and started to finger my pussy!

It was amazing!

Next, he slipped his cock into my pussy and I was ready to cum. I had been waiting for this for years! He started to really thrust into me! I was grinding my pussy to his rhythm. He picked me back up, cock still deep inside my pussy, and went to the kitchen table, with one hand he slid everything off onto the ground and laid me down. He pulled his cock out of me and slid my panties off, and took my tank top off to fully expose me. As I lay on my kitchen table, he began to eat my pussy, with each flick of his tongue I was losing my mind. It felt so damn good! Before I knew it was Cuming all over his face and in his mouth!

He stood up and slid his big fat cock in my pussy again! It was breathtaking! He pumped again and again, right as we were both about to finish, we heard something at my front door…

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